Happy Friday

This past week has flown by  . . . the hubs and I are officially house hunting and I spent a long girls weekend in Chicago! So I’m changing it up today and joining in with some other bloggers (it started here) to stock stock on life right now. It’s all starting to get stressful up in here with house hunting and then moving and then doing the inevitable changes to our new house, but I’m content with life and so excited for these next steps.  This guy makes it all better.

me and Scott

me and Scott

Making: weekend to do lists
Cooking : paleo spicy chicken casserole . . . if it’s good i’ll share
Drinking : mint tea in an Audrey Hepburn mug
Reading: just finished ‘gone girl’
Wanting: for 11th street to be back on the market
Looking: at house . . . after house . . . after house . . . after house . . .
Playing: all of me on the work radio
Wasting: half of my coffee at home since we had to leave early
Sewing: a new skirt  . . . eek!
Wishing: the work day would go by fast
Enjoying: jokes with friends
Waiting: for my new pants to arrive
Liking: my new mug
Wondering: if the career path I’ve chosen will work
Loving: my hubs
Hoping: we can look at a house this weekend
Marvelling: at how well my husband and I are communicating about house hunting
Needing: prayers for our house hunt
Smelling: something weird and I can’t figure out what it is
Wearing: purple . . . obviously
Noticing: tan lines around others eyes
Knowing: we will find our house in God’s time
Thinking: it’s time for a hair cut
Bookmarking: house design inspiration
Opening: spreadsheets for work
Giggling: that all of my answers have to do with house hunting
Feeling: happy

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