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Last week in our quest to organize my kitchen I said next up was the foil, plastic wrap, etc . . . but I lied. I got too excited about this project . . .

As I hope most of you do, I meal plan. It started as a way to save money on groceries. Now it’s grown to help us maintain our ‘paleo inspired’ eats. I’ve been using this large calendar I got at Target last summer, and I’ve loved it. I can plan a whole month instead of just one week! But the calendar is up in July . . . and we often don’t end up eating what’s on the calendar . . . say I put fish and sweet potatoes on there for the last day of the month – then the end of month comes and I’m not feelin fish . . . that usually ends up in us eating out.


So I’ve started planning weekly, and I obviously needed something new to write those plans out. insert my new creation . . .


I’m really excited about it! I absolutely love it! And it was super easy!

I started with two crafting boards from Home Depot’s wood section that I held together with steel brackets like these. I had stained it for another project, so I put two coats of Rustoleum bright white paint on there.


Then I took some 29 cent wood circles and 1.29 wood banner from Jo’ann’s and painted them with chalkboard paint. once everything was dry I attached it with gorilla glue. Super easy . . . and super strong bond . . . I didn’t measure them out exactly just 3 fingers between each.

I had some chiffon flowers from this shop so I added them into the empty spots with more glue to add character and color. I lurve love the ones on top, but the ones on the bottom I’m not sold on. I might add another circle to put special events on or maybe some post it notes.


About once a month, I’ll probably have to go in and repaint the circles to keep it looking fresh and dark. But that’s not a big deal and will only take a couple minutes each time. this project cost me $5 for the wood pieces and some new chalkboard paint. If you had to buy everything fresh I’d say it would be between $15 and $20.

Do you have a kitchen menu? I’d love to see

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