High five for friday – vacation favorites

this past week has been pretty boring to be honest. I’ve been trying to get back in the routine of work and home life after our most recent vacation . . . and numerous loads of laundry trying to get the sand out of everything. My husband and I m ade a deal recently. Every 3 years we’ll take a big trip . . . and on the off years we’ll go to our spot – Fort Lauderdale. We love to travel, but we also have other life goals hat we want to accomplish, and we don’t have a money tree (yet) so we thought a big trip every 3 years was a good compromise and something we could figure out how to save for.


Fort Lauderdale is somewhere we know is good, safe, fun, and most important it’s an easy to plan stress free vacation for the 2 off years. So since I’ve been super boring this week and took no pictures . . . here are my top 5 favorite places in Fort Lauderdale


1. Snooze – Snooze is a smaller, boutique type hotel that we stayed at for the first time this year. The other times we’ve gone we’ve priceline’d a good deal at a big box hotel to be sure we’ve gotten a good clean safe room. . . well this year we went for it and goodness we’re so happy we did. it’s reasonably priced and you get so much for your money. the rooms are smaller, but you still have plenty of room to spread out – all of them come with a fridge and coffee pot and the bigger rooms even have a microwave and counter space so you don’t have to depend on the restuarants for all your food. everything is modern with clean cut lines but still soft and homey. the owner and the manager are very friendly and super helpful. the picture above is from a little porch they have that we sat on every afternoon.


2. Sebastian beach – In florida most of it just looks like one big beach to me, but there are certain parts that have separate names. In fort Lauderdale, it’s almost like every mile has a different name . . . my favorite and one of the few I pay attention to is Sebastian beach. It’s right out from our hotel and it’s a nice quiet space that even has some shade for super hot days. but it’s still close to the stores and restaurants.


3. Elbow room – The first time we came to fort Lauderdale as a couple it rained the first two days we were there . . . after one day of being stuck in the hotel we couldn’t take it anymore and just walked around and shopped in the rain. We stopped in here to get out of the rain for a few minutes and met mickey mooney – a beach bum with only a harmonica, bike, and some art supplies to his name. He drew us the picture above and it now hangs in a spot of honor on our living room wall. This trip through we saw him riding his bike and playing his harmonica  . . . and I freaked out like he was Leonardo DiCaprio.


4. Beauty and the Feast – inside the atlantic hotel is this restaurant. I craved the smoked salmon bagel for two years and finally got it again last week. it.did.not.disappoint. it’s a bit pricey but everything we’ve ever had here has been amazing.


5. Bubba Gump – it’s such a cliché of a restaurant but it’s a good movie and it’s good food. this photo op is how i’ll chart my husbands growth I think . . . and by growth I mean his grey hair. he will insist that I tell you he does not have any yet . . . but I’m watching.

I hope you all had a great week. I know I did. This weekend is jam packed with family activities and I can’t wait!



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