High five for Friday – I’m on vacation!!

I hope you all have had grand week … I have had the best week. All of my pictures and adventures from the week are for another post when I tell you all about my lovely vacation. I’ve seen lots of these types of posts on other blogs . . . So for today . . . I thought I would do 5 random facts about me.


  1. My mama had me when she was 40 years old. Everyone told her I would most likely have mental health issues because of her age. I don’t . . .  No jokes . . . be nice . . . That also means that all of my siblings are much older than me. They were 18,16,15 when I was born. My oldest niece was born when I was 5, and is more like my sister since we grew up in the same house. Here is my sisters, brother, and I with or grandpa. I was about 4.


2. I never learned to ride a bike. My big brother was teaching me along with my dad and I got really good with training wheels . . . then he left for the Navy and I wasn’t interested anymore. My dad didn’t push me since he thougth I eventually get back up, but I never did. I want to learn now, but I never have the time, don’t have a bike, and I’m almost 30 . . . it’s sort of embarrassing, haha!

 3. I like the beef – steaks, hamburgers, etc. – I eat to be extrmely rare. People always freak out about how rare I ask for it to be, and my sister likes to mention that I will eat straight up raw ground beef. As gross as it may be it’s true . . . it tastes 10 times better to me and I’ve never once gotten sick or food poisioning. This was a delicious piece of something from a work party – side note : I ate this steak about 2 hours prior to meeting my husband for the first time.


4. I once broke a girl’s arm by accidentally stepping on it during a game of soccer. A few months later a girl stepped on my knee and my jerking reaction caused my knee cap to break and my acl to be hyperextended. Pay back is a _____

5. I have no idea what I wanna be when I grow up . . . except a mama I know I wanna be a mama.

See ya next week 🙂

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  • Reply Sherri Black

    2014 …. This is a lovely recollection of knowing you were gonna be a mama. And turns out, you are a fantastic mama to my sweet Jack and Benjamin…and now Thelma.

    We were blessed when our mama brought you home to us. I love you.

    November 26, 2020 at 11:50 am
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