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Remember earlier this week when I told you about vacation makeup . . . I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I’m uber organized; so, I thought I’d share how I keep all of our stuff organized when we travel. They key . . . lots of little bags and planning. Everything is broken into categories and each category has its own bag.


The categories are : outfits, accessories, toiletries, makeup, first aid, carry on. We’re not flying this time so carry on isn’t necessary, but I’ll still have a separate bag with these things in it since they are the most valuable/important. Below I have a fun print out I made of what goes in each bag. It even includes a beach bag section which is made up of things from each of the other categories.


vaca list


Most airlines allow you to take a bag that will fit in the overhead, an extra bag (which I consider the carry on) that will fit under your feet, and an extra item like a labtop or an umbrella. When we fly, this is all we take – that’s why I write out my outfits. I simply don’t have the room to just throw in whatever I want. And yes I roll most of it. You’ll notice pajamas and beach towels aren’t on there . . . the beach towels get thrown wherever they happen to fit (usually my husbands clothes section) and I know myself well enough to know that I will throw in an extra dress or an extra tank top which can be used as pajamas for the week.


I have this suitcase, and I absolute love it. Not because it’s hard . . . because each side is the same size. So all of my accessories go in the back part that can be zipped up. The shoes and hair goo goes in grocery bags so nothing else gets dirty. If I need a beach bag other than my carry on it gets rolled up in here too.


Toiletries are kept in a clear plastic bag so we can just throw it in the shower and then wipe it down before we leave. I know some people think buying travel size are a waste of money, but we travel enough that it works out for us. AND we’re able to take it on the plane without any worries. My only rule is I buy basic smelling products so we both can use them (like dove). . . in other words so my husband doesn’t smell like a girl. For a weeks vacation, 3 oz of your normal necessities last us two vacations.



I think it’s pretty weird when people don’t take a first aid kit on vacation – and I know a lot of people who have told me they don’t. I’m sure the hotel has one, but if I cut myself shaving I want a band aid immediately – not after I run down to the front desk. And if I’m gassy or something upset my stomach I just want to handle it myself. This little bag stays packed year round and it sits in a basket of the full size products so when we run out I just take a little from the full size and put it in here. If it’s not clearly labeled I write on the back what it is.



I have yet to find a bag that will work as both a carry on and a beach bag . . . That sounds silly when I read it back, but it’s my truth. It makes so much more sense to just have one bag and then take the stuff you don’t want at the beach out, but I just haven’t found one that is acceptable to me and is a reasonable price point. So for now I use this old nine west bag I bought in college for our carry on –it makes me feel very professional. It has a front pocket that I keep lip balm, hair ties, cell phone, gum, lotion, etc in . . . and a small zipper pocket I can keep pens, small charger, a rolled up scarf if I get cold, snacks, and extra sunglasses in . . . then the bigger part has the things I’ll grab a lot in the plane like the ipad or a magazine as well as my wallet and the folder with the important docs I’ll need when we arrive. It also zips and locks which is very convenient. But it’s just not cute enough for the beach 😉

photo 3

My husband makes fun of me a little because I do unpack when we arrive. He says it’s like preparing to spend time in the organized hotel room . . . but I see it as preparing to spend as little time in the hotel room as possible because I know where everything is.


 Any other vacation organizers out there? Tell me I’m not the only one who obsesses.

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