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I love to try new beauty products – it’s probably obvious! Birch box definitely helps with that . . . but I always have my eye out for new and different things based on looks I have in mind to try, ideas I’ve seen around the interwebs, products I’m about to run out of, etc. So once a month or so (maybe a little less if I find something else to talk about) I’m going to share my 5 favorite things I’ve found the month. Here’s May’s . . .

monthly favorites


tweezers  .  body wash  .  lotion  .  eye shadow  .  primer

One of my very first birch boxes had a small sample of this lotion and I loved it. Now that the summer is coming and my legs need some nourishment I can’t get enough.


A few weeks ago I told you guys about my new found love of lip primer! In the post, I used elf’s version – I really liked it. Usually, a new product I’ll get an elf version since it’s inexpensive, and then I’ll try out a better brand to see if a little more money brings a little more quality also. In this case, I don’t think it brings more quality, but I do like the texture and application of this one better than the stick.


I’ve had the same tweezers since high school – I can’t tell you where they came from or how much they were. They were good to me, but recently they just kinda stopped working. They weren’t grabbing like they were supposed to and something happened to the angle . . . I don’t know it just did. So I got these, and I’m in love.


I love philosophy body washes. They last, smell great, and are so soft on my skin. This is the first time I’ve tried this scent, and I like it!


Finally, I love a good crème eye shadow. I normally use a little as a primer for all my eye shadows. I tried this on a whim based on a review from Kate at the Small things Blog. I should have known she’d send me to something amazing!


There they are! The top 5 for May. What’s your favorites this month?

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