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New bedding

We’re finally at the end of the posts about our new bed!! And it’s all about the pretty stuff . . .


Since our new headboard is full of color I wanted the bedding to be clean and crisp. Not too busy, but with a little pattern  . . . while walking through Joann’s to get the headboard material I saw this fabric, and fell in love. Especially the way the light colors vibe with the darker purple in the headboard. I bought 2 yards and hoped I’d have enough. Turns out I didn’t – but I did have some queen size sheets from our old bed in a dark purple that matched perfectly with the headboard. So after washing the sheet and the new fabric I cut 2 panels of each at 21×37 inches – to fit these cheapo pillows. Since they were just going to be used as shams I just wanted to get cheap pillows. BUT HOLY GUACAMOLY! These pillows are pretty awesome. To make the covers I followed this post. Perfect!


At that point, I knew I needed a good comforter before I got the rest of the pillows set up. Going back to how I wanted everything to be clean and crisp I decided on just a simple white down comforter. I’ve had one before and I loved it.  I’ve also had really good experience with Target bedding. This one had good reviews online. Sold. I love everything about it except it’s a little thin. Def. keeps me warm . . . just thinner than I’m used to.

Along with that I wasn’t too worried about the sheets – we actually only use the pillow cases and a fitted sheet, so I just need something to cover the bed not something that would be seen. So we went with these sheets. We had them on our last bed, and never had any problems or issues. I purchased grey for now, and I plan on getting the white and purple later on down the road.


Around that time we decided on our new couches that I told you about last month, and the throw pillows that came with it ended up matching fairly well. Since I wasn’t going to use them in the living room (I wanted ones with more color in that room) I just put them in here. These I might change out . . . but for now I enjoy them – they actually grow on me the more I make the bed . . . which is rare.


For symmetries sake I wanted some smaller pillows to go in front. I’ve seen similar pins of this ‘Good morning gorgeous’ pillow, and have always thought we should get some. My husband says that to me first thing most mornings <3 So on an Etsy search I went and found the perfect ones to bring in the cream of the shams and the white of the comforter. The purple pillow in the middle is an oldie, but goodie I got at Walmart of all places.

bed skirt

Once everything was set up I realized I needed a bed skirt. I wasn’t sure we’d need one with the low profile bed frame, but the supports legs hit right at the outer edge of the bed which makes the frame VERY visible – even if only 14″. I did a pinterest search for DIY versions and found that I liked this style, but I wasn’t trust worthy of my sewing skills to create the ruffle. Then I found this one with a ruffle for under $20. I doubt I could get the 3 yards of fabric I’d need for much cheaper. And for for $18 we’re good – we’re better than good.

 Here’s a rundown of the bedding budget :

 Comforter $29

Sheets $49

Fabric for shams $20

Pillows for shams $10

Bed skirt $18

Etsy pillows $26

Total $152

And that brings the total for the entire bed to :

Mattress $645

Bedframe $102

Headboard $56

Bedding $ 152

Total: $955

I cannot tell you the excitement over saving that much money!! Without making our headboard and searching for the best price on the mattress we wouldn’t have been able to do it and all that took was some time and effort . . . Since we saved $545 we were able to get new nightstands and a new dresser.

zee bed

. . . If you know me well you know we saved some money there with a little DIY elbow grease. I’ll tell you all about it just as soon as I finish painting them.

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