May Birchbox

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CoTZ .. Face Nautral skin tone SPF 40

I’m saving this for my upcoming vacation. I doubt I have enough to last the 4 days I’ll be at the beach, but for at least 2 days it’ll be nice to have an spf made just for my face that will give me a little finish.

 Jouer .. Luminizing Moisutre Tint

I struggle with all the different types of lotions to put on your face. As I get older my face gets oiler so I don’t want to load it up everyday with primer, bb cream, foundation, concealer, highlighter . . . blah blah blah . . . . so I used this in place of my bb cream one day and I didn’t hate it. Was it better than what I’m using? No . . . it didn’t make my feel look like it had a dewy glow tho.

 LAQA & Co. .. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in coral

This smells delightfully minty and has a little sting when you first put it on. It feels like a lip stick but wears like a gloss. I do like the coral color so this is a good addition to my lip stash!

 Number 4 High Performance hair care .. Volumizing shampoo and condition

This has an impact on my life and I will be doing a full review later.

 32 Oral Care .. Effervescent Breath Crystals with IsoBoxy

You’re supposed to swish these around until they pop in your mouth and it helps with unpleasant odors! It’s also supposed to give you a clean feeling like Orbit. And it does . ..  it feels like poprocks . . . but it smells like baby powder.

 I was very pleased with my birchbox this month. I’m still thinking about changing my profile up to get a different type of ‘style’, but this month did not disappoint. Especially the shampoo . . .

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