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A few inches off the top

It’s another post with hair tips guys . . . so if you’re smart you’ll probably stop reading now since I have no hair knowledge . . . but if you’re like me and you just do what works for you then read on . . . god speed

My hair grows fast guys. Like real fast. So bangs and I always have a love hate relationship. They grow so fast that I have to have them trimmed up – are you ready for this – about every 2 weeks or I look like this.


Now I do a side sweep, but once they get too long this happens . . .


the separating from each other is what really, really bothers me. but they also curl up under each other. Yuck!

So I taught myself how to trim my own bangs, and here’s how I do it. Disclaimer:: I am not a professional this is just how it works for me. If it’s something you’ve never done before I would recommend you talking to a professional before you start . . . or just let them do it. Great clips will do just your bangs for $5 . . .

First I start off with clean – DRY – hair; normally I wash it in the morning, fight with it all day, and trim in the evening. That way it is in it’s most natural state/length . . . and it’s how I normally style it –  meaning I won’t make it to short because it’s wet and longer than usual or because I’ve got it styled wrong. remember DRY  . . . DRY . . .


Then I put the rest of it in a ponytail, and even out the sweet spot with my fingers. Holding where I want to cut up to with my fingers I trim with my scissors facing vertically – starting in the center and working out to both ends – taking just a little hair as I go. You can always go back over it if you haven’t gotten enough so with my first try I rarely take more than 1/4 inch off.



Trimming vertically from the center out will give it a better natural finish, but it does mean you’re probably going to have some straglers in there to go back and get.

photo (2)

Once you’ve gotten all your straglers . ..  you’re done! Viola! It’s pretty easy . . . but again if you can see a professional GO! This is just for those times that life gets in the way . . .


O and by the way! don’t use just any old scissors . . . here’s some good ones at amazon.


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