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I hope everybody had a great weekend! We certainly did. Our nephew Me’Sean turned 8 years old as well as our good friend Drew turned 30! So it was jam packed with super fun birthday parties! Sunday night we finally finished house of cards season 1 . . . late night tv with my hubs is the only way i’ll watch such intense television.

Last week Brand Backer introduced me to a fun website I’ve spent the week trying it out and craving TONS of new makeup! I have a Sephora order in now . . . The basics for Glamst is this . . . try on new products or looks before you buy and share your ideas with other ladies!

All you have to do is jump on with the link above, create a profile, and upload a picture of yourself (or use a model pic). But it’s so much more than just trying out new products – here are a few things I liked about it

1. Ever wonder what you’ll look like with a cat eye? You can try not only different brands and formula’s, but different techiniques of eyeliner! eyeliner2. Once you’ve got your look created there are icons on the left sidebar to see what products you’ve used and links to purchase them at sephora! this also comes in handy for my next favorite part . . .

products3. My very favorite part is getting inspiration from other ladies on the sight. Find a look you like . . . click the ‘try on’ button . . . and boom! see it on yourself! Then click on the icons to see what products were used. Or on the right side see other similar looks to try.

try try on me


As you can see, I used a model pic for all of my looks. That would be my only frustration with the site . . . it wouldn’t upload any of my pics. I tried it on an hp and a mac with 3 different pictures that were all 3 different sizes. I get to this part (where you trim it to where you’d like) and it won’t move on . . .

UntitledI’m certainly not a computer whiz, but this shouldn’t be that big of a problem . . . I’ll keep you posted if I figure it out because I defiantly will keep using the site (or if you know what might be up please let me know!).

What do you think – will you use the sight? find it useful? I actually think I will use it to try out bold lip colors see if they go with my skin tone or not . . . especially since that’s my new obsession . . .


Can we talk about that lip color? It’s Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in ‘Fuschia in Rage’.

*This post is sponsored by Brand Backer and, but all opinions are 100% me*

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