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Our living room just underwent some major re-do’s, but before I share the big stuff I wanted to show you a little re-vamp that was inspired by a piece many of you loved from last month – the anthropoligie inspired letters in the kitchen.

I knew I wanted to put a mirror on the mantel piece. Why? Mostly  because when I searched for inspiration those were the ones I was drawn to, and slightly because I had taken a mirror off the wall for the letters and needed a place for it now.


Only problem was the mirror was black, and that just wasn’t going to work with the new living room color scheme. My first thought was to just paint it a bright, happy color like green or blue, but I worried that would be over kill because of all the other areas those colors are in the room. So I decided to go ahead and try the same technique I used on the letters over the metal surface of the frame. Worst case scenario I could sand it a little and repaint it.

photo (22)

On the letters, I only did one coat of the dry brush with the silver paint and no poly after that. With the mirror one coat looked like the picture above. So I did one more coat to get more even coverage and to help with the visible brush strokes. Then I used a light layer of poly acrylic over that just to help with any chipping. Most importantly, I let it dry before each coat. If you wanted to do this with a mirror that is not already black, I would recommend spray painting it black with rustoleum paint since it has to be black under the silver to get the look of steel.


Overall, I think it worked just like the letters and gave the mirror that galvanized steel look. It also really brightens up the area without looking too colorful.


Have any of you ever had a project that inspired another project?

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