High five for Friday – April 4th.

It’s April! and it hasn’t snowed in a week . . . oh the happiness

photo 4

1. This past weekend I got some quality cousin time in! My parents and I traveled down to Kentucky to see my aunt, uncle, and a few cousins. We took some of my nieces and nephews with us . . . 3 hours both ways with 4 kids . . . the cousins made it worth it.

2. My family and I are finally getting together to celebrate March birthday tonight – we have 4. that means my hubs finally gets to celebrate his 30th with family, and I’ll get my favorite dessert 🙂 Afterward two of my nephews are leaving for Disney world and I AM SO EXCITED FOR THEM!

photo 3

3. My favorite show ended this week. I’m just not even gonna comment on the finale. Regardless, it was a big moment this week, and I’m gonna miss Ted Mosby.

4. the hubs and I saw captain America last night. It was really good. go see it.

photo (22)

5. you know there has to be a picture of them in here right?

I hope you all had a great week and have big plans for the weekend . ..  even if those big plans are to binge watch some Netflix and eat pizza in bed.

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