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Easiest and maybe the cutest project for your sewing kit today, in the history of ever. A Saturday not long ago my mama and I went to Jo’Ann’s (the local fabic/craft store) and got everything I needed for a sewing kit. I had researched what I would need a little, but mainly just used mama’s knowledge. She said – as did my research – that I didn’t necessarily have to have a pin cushion, but it would be a convenience.

Since it wasn’t a necessity I was not going to settle for a tomato – even if they made it in purple fabric. If you’re on pinterest you know where I’m going with this . . . mason jar pin cusion. As usual, I saw the pictures and figured it out for myself so I did not follow a tutorial. But I do have a couple pinned under my sewing board you can find here if you’d like to compare.


To start you’ll need some scrap fabric, cotton balls, a mason jar (any size will do) with seperated lid, and scissors.




Cut a piece of fabric to fit over the lid like the picture below with about 1” extra since we’ll be adding the cotton balls




Add the cotton balls in between and push the cap tightly over.




Trim your fabric – be sure to go low enough that the ridges are seen




Add your pins!


photo 5 (3)

It works perfectly, and it’s better than a tomato. The cotton is a little loose from the outer part of the lid, but it stays put so no worries. If it ever became a problem a little hot glue under around the edge would work.

What are things you like to keep in your sewing kit that aren’t necessities?


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