Tell ’em that it’s my birthday

My birthday was 11 days ago, and I don’t feel any older – I think that happens when life events happen. Such as graduation or when we got married . . . I felt older on those days, but birthdays I don’t feel older. I still like to make the day special and celebrate the occasion, usually with a little party with my friends.

This year was much more low key as 3 days after my day of birth we had a fairly large fiesta for my husbands big 3-0. My husband still made the day super special and my family always pulls through with some homemade dessert and dinner. Here’s the play by play :

I woke up to breakfast in bed with my favorite homemade granola, and a text from my mama at the exact moment I was born 28 years ago.


then I headed to work for a bit. My friend Davina gave me a $25 etsy gift card and brought in cookies for everyone. So I spent the morning pretending to work, eating cookies, convincing my boss to let me take summer vacation when I wanted, and shopping 🙂 At 12:45 I headed out for lunch . . . except I had taken the rest of the day off! I grabbed a salad from my favorite lunch place and barely beat our furniture delivery guys to the apartment.


Once our new couch was delivered and I had eaten my salad I went down to see my niece who is an estitician. It was nice to get a little pampering in and talk to one of my best friends on my special day. Plus I looked my best for the party that weekend.


At that point Scott was off work so I ran home to catch him before he headed out for class. He surprised me tho . . . I should have expected it . . . he had all the candles lit, the house picked up, my favorite sushi on the table, and Selena Gomez’ song about her birthday was playing. We played it non stop for our niece’s birthday so he knew I’d love it!

After dinner he gave me my present – which was Lady Antebellum tickets and confetti hydrangeas – and we sat on the couch and watched the office all evening – instead of the usual to do list, and him leaving for his class :).


It was nice to get off work early and relax – as well as exciting to get our new couch and be pampered a little. Reminds me of all I have to be thankful for!


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