Birthday Wish list

It’s March! also known as Birthday month . . . My husband and I both have birthdays at the end of this month along with several friends and family members. It really is a month long celebration for us, and we couldn’t love it more. So to start the month off right, and a fun new way to let my husband know what I want I decided to post my wish list here on the blog for all to see . . .


mason jar candle – I love bath and body works candles especially when you can get them on sale. now they come in cute mason jars aka made for me.

photoshop – I’m really starting to like this whole design/picture taking thing for the blog so I’d really love to have photoshop.

ballett slippers– obviously for my cold feet, these just happen to be cute and at target! (size 8, Scott)

Essie allinone – I love getting a new mani, but I don’t have time to go see a professional every week. I’ve heard rave reviews about this helping them last longer, and helping an at home mani look better.

orchid earrings – Earrings are always a quick and easy gift that I love to give. These are adorable ones from one of my favorite bloggers/etsy shops.

Popcorn – I have a problem with popcorn . . .

nightstands – A new mattress is on our radar for very soon, and I would love to have a whole new room re-do to go with it – starting with these nightstands that I will obviously make ours.

Tarte face mask –  Every Monday night I treat my self and my face to 25 minutes of down time complete with a fast mask. this is the next on my list to try per Kate from the small things blog reviews.

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