Valentines day giftbasket

Valentines day is this week! I love all holidays even the ones made up by Hallmark, so I’m pumped! My husband and I have actually celebrated valentines day differently every year we’ve been together which is strange for us because we really like having ‘our tradition’ for every holiday. We did realize that the past 2 years I’ve made a nice meal at home (like 3 courses and we eat on the china . . . schmancy!). So we’ve decided to do the same thing this year and make each other gift baskets!

I’m really excited to see what he puts in mine, but mostly I want to see how he puts it together. I told him it has to be pretty . . . and of course I’ll share with all of you! While we wait here’s what I put together for him (this is where you stop reading boo), I took a page straight from one of my favorite blogs – Little Baby Garvin. Seriously this is one cool mom blog, I love it even though I’m not a mom yet. Last year she made this for her husband at Easter and I’m putting my own valentine’s day spin on it.



I try get a good array of things in gift baskets that I make so I came up with a few different categories I wanted to be sure to include.


  1. Drink – the fancy beer obvs
  2. Clothes – socks (just some regular brown ones because he needed them)
  3. Funny-a belly button cleaner (google it or go on etsy, seriously, do it)
  4. Gum – because he loves gum
  5. food – his favorite candies
  6. corny –some ‘love coupons’ examples: $1 bowling night where I will bowl (this is big), he gets to pick the movie on date night:no deals, and most will not be mentioned 😉
  7. beauty – let me explain this one, he’s a typical man and before me he used the same soap for all parts of his body except his hair, bought the cheapest shaving cream, and never used lotion unless his skin was so dry it hurt. Obviously, he attracted me so what he was doing was working and I’m not here to change him, but taking care of your skin is a pet peeve of mine. I also believe that most people don’t do near what they should be doing. Sooooo everytime I have an excuse to buy him something of this category I do so. It’s small things like adding conditioner to his shampoo, a soap made for just his face, things for a better shave, etc. This time around I got him some face soap because he needed it and some chapstick because the air is soooooo dry in this brutal winter I knew he probably needed it.



To put it together, I just took out 3 of the beers and added some tissue paper to the bottom of those sections. Then I arranged my other items just where they fit and I thought it looked nice/creative. To finish it off, I added some curly stings, heart stickers, etc that I had in my craft collection to make it look like a valentine from elementary school. I’m pretty proud of it, and I know he’s gonna love it!

how do you celebrate valentines day?

Xx, B

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