Leather Strap shelves

Our bedroom really needed some shelves for me to hold all my jewelry, so of course I made them.



My sister had given me a pallet with some bigger boards at the top and the bottom. I used to two of them to make the art piece in our bedroom, and the other two for my shelves. If you would need to go to the hardwood store for some I would recommend 3ft x 7″.


Once they were pried off, we drilled 1″ holes in them where we wanted the leather straps to go. Then stained them (kona by rustoleum to match everything else in our house.


I got two leather belt straps without the buckel on amazon and made a simple knot 3 inches up on both of them. After I fed it through the hole and secured the knot right underneath the board, I measured up on one to make a 2nd knot where I wanted. Once I had it placed safely I used a tape measure to see where to make the knot on the 2nd strap. All done!


Now to place it . . . I figured out where I wanted it on the wall and put a drywall nail thru the leather strap into the wall. It held it very securely with just that! But once I started to put stuff on the bottom shelf it wouldn’t balance – even with very light stuff it would start to tilt or bow in the middle. So I went to the hardware store and picked up some corner brackets. I secured it with 2 . . . one on each side . . . and viola! The best part is you can’t even really see them.



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