DIY laundry detergent

In an effort to be more green, cut down on chemicals, save money, etc . . . and the fact that we finally have a place with our very own washer and dryer . . . I decided to make our own laundry detergent. Recipes for these are not hard to find it’s just deciding which one you want to use. I chose to go with Liz Marie, for a few reasons – 1. I like how she gives a 1 year review so I know what to expect. 2. She talks about how to prevent the hardening. 3. Most importantly, my hubbers is obsessed with oxyclean, and I wanted there to be a stain fighter in my recipe.

Here’s what you’ll need . . .


You can find this all at your local grocery store or . . . I did go to a super target and couldn’t find some of it (like the zote), but every other grocery store I frequent has it all (walmart,kroger,marsh).

I got a 64oz rubbermaid container at target to keep it all in. With the lid snapping shut, I’m thinking that it will prevent the hardening, and it’s really convenient to store in a cabinet with the rest of my cleaning supplies. It was also really easy to just dump everything in and then let my husband mix it all up (so he could touch the oxyclean). Then I grated the bars of soap and added those in.

photo (3) photo (4)

I also got a cute little 1 gallon glass container to keep on top of my dryer along with the homemade fabric softener I use to have it easy access when I do laundry. I only have to refill my 1 gallon container 4 times to use it all up – I’m thinking about every 3 months.

photo (5)

This cost me (with the containers) about $25 and should last me at least a year. Every recipe I found says it lasted them a year, and I only have 2 people so I kind of expect it to last me longer than that. Then when I have to redo it, it should only cost about $15 since I can reuse the containers. $15 + 1 year of laundry =

And just to say goodbye . . .


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