the one with Vistaprint and your wedding

I knew from the beginning I would somehow make or have a very big hand in our wedding paper goods. I love invitations of any kind, stationary, etc. etc. – if it’s paper and pretty I love it. These are also the first look people get of your wedding so I knew they had to be fun, casual, with hints of purple, and not too girly. I had made business cards and the like on vistaprint before, and I had heard they did wedding invites too. So when we needed engagement party invites, I explored . . . I found a lot of different options I could choose from, but none that really set my heart a flutter . . . I needed to tweek little things on each one I liked. For example, there was a save the date that actually was the top runner for my wedding invite, but with what they had recommended there wasn’t room for everything I needed to say.

But that’s the good thing about vistaprint – they give you the option to add text and change font styles and sizes on each design. Some won’t let you delete certain words that are already there – like some save the dates won’t let you delete ‘save the date’, but other than that you can pretty much change it to what you need when you find a design you like. And with their prices – and frequent groupon deals I knew this was what I wanted. The only other thing that would have made me happy with my DIY needs would have been paint/photoshopping them myself. This helped drastically with time since I didn’t have to create a design from scratch . . . I just had to critique their design for my needs. And the price was around the same as buying quality paper to print it with anyway.

Here’s everything we used vistaprint for . . .

bachelorette engagementpartypaint extraspaint rsvppaint savethedatepaint tablespaint weddinginvitespaint

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