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With the wedding recaps all over, I wanted to just go thru some of the details in the next few posts. The décor was really important to me since I like to think of myself as a stylish, crafty lady. Also, since the wedding was outside in my parents backyard I had a blank slate to work with.

First we needed, tables and chairs. Before we even had a theme we needed somewhere to put the stuff so I did a lot of research to find the best place in our area. That ended up being Classic Party Rental. Then it was just simply choosing decorations for each . . . here’s a run down of each section . . .

Guest tables ::



tableclothes  .  runners  .  plates  .  napkins  .  similar frames  .  glass tapers  .  votives  .  chalkboards

Each napkin had a set of silverware wrapped into it and tied with a piece of burlap colored yarn. I also purchased the silverware at

*more on all the flowers later*

Favors ::favors

mason jar mug  .  burlap bag  .  fortune cookies

This is the best picture I have of one of our favors. Each guest received a mason jar mug to use for the night, and then take home with them. Inside that mug was a a fortune cookie wrapped in a burlap bag. The day before we were engaged I got a fortune saying I would be happily married. I had tags on the bags to explain that to them since fortune cookies didn’t match anything else at all . . . more on the tags later!

Drink station::


tea and lemonade dispensers  .  straws  .  napkins

All the chalkboards I made with wood from lowe’s and chalkboard paint – and that’s my handwriting and design on them. The mason jars are just from Target with the straws and extra forks for cake inside. These pictures show my biggest regret with the wedding. As people were arriving, my mother was walking around greeting everyone and asking if they wanted a drink – I loved that. Except . . . she had all the drink boxes in a pile of trash for everyone to see, and she passed the drinks out in red solo cups . . . instead of using the mason jar mugs we had purchased as favors . . . My guests used red solo cups at my wedding. This may sound like something little and go ahead and call me a bridezilla if you want, but like I said earlier I had a blank slate to work with and I worked really hard to be sure that it was a classy back yard wedding . . . not a cookout. It will haunt me for the rest of my life, and I will make sure it haunts my mothers also.






The seating chart I made with a white frame I found at aMichael’s (they don’t have it anymore), and some burlap colored shipping paper. I decided at the last minute a wreath would be awesome right there, so I bought one instead of making one! It is purple with burlap flowers – without the sun shining down on it in this pic it almost looks black!

Aisle ::




The shepherds hooks and lanterns were provided by our florist, and the chiffon and initials were purchased at Jo’ann fabrics. I ordered the aisle runner here. The mason jar lattice lights were made by my dad.

Cake table ::





The table cloth was ordered on etsy, and the love is sweet sign along with the can candles were made by me.

Dance floor:




Here we simply measured for some curtains along the windows, bought burlap to fit, and then tied them with ribbons from here.

And that’s most of our decorations!! I loved the way the whole wedding looked, and all the little details we had!

Next is flowers . . .

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