the one about the reception part 2

Reception part 2, the good part!! We ended last week with speeches . . .

Right after that we went straight into our dances! Our first dance was to “Strangers in the night” by Frank Sinatra. We chose it because we love the  band Cake’s version, and it’s pretty much the story of the night we met ((Ever since that night we’ve been together. Lovers at first sight, in love forever. It turned out so right,For strangers in the night..)) We had even paid for dance lessons and gave up our Monday nights for 10 weeks to make it awesome . . . but within the first step, he accidentally stepped on my bustle and pulled it off. So I had to hold my train the entire dance, which made some steps awkward and some impossible. It worked out though, kind of took the pressure off. And no my dress wasn’t damaged except for the bustle.


Next, was me and my papa. We danced to ‘Can’t stop loving you’ by Elvis because it’s his favorite song. He really didn’t want to dance, but I made him. My dad and I have become really good friends in my old age so it was wonderful to have some time to talk to him and not worry about being interrupted. The last minute of the song, my flower girl ran out and  danced with us. She put her head on his  and totally stole the show. The song was really, really long though so I’m glad she walked up when she did to give it some adorableness. Scott and his mom danced next to Time of my life from dirty dancing. He remembers listening to that song in the car with her when he was little so it was perfect! She didn’t know he had chosen that one, and loved it!

SB_3224_1694 SB_3238_4083 SB_3247_1700

Once the dances were over we snuck onto the porch and cut the cake. It was in a weird spot, so no one could really watch us. I also had made him promise not to mess up my makeup, so it wasn’t going to be fun anyway.  . . . honestly my videographer and my photographer made me do it for pictures. And I LOVED my cake design so I’m glad I got pics. We had 3 different kinds of cake . . . chocolate, poppy seed, and peanut butter all with cream cheese icing. Because it was delicious.

SB_3086_3968 SB_3095_1591 SB_3100_3980

At this point it was almost 9pm, and I was ready to dance. So we hurried thru the bouquet toss . . . my bridesmaid Shanna caught it! I had written a little note to whoever caught my bouquet about how I prayed and wished that she would meet someone as wonderful as Scott and be as happy as I am. I just hole punched it and tied it to the flower stems.

bouquet toss

bouquet toss


And the garter toss  . . . awkward city kids. Having your new husband put his hand up your dress in front of 120 people one of them being your preacher and one being your father. . . weird. You can see it in my face. And my garter was super sweaty and gross at this point so I felt bad for the dude who caught it . . . who ended up being my new little brother (in law) Jon!


awkco taco . . .

awkco taco . . .

After that we were done with the hard stuff . . . we danced for about an hour or so, said goodbye to guests as they left, and forgot to eat cake. Yup, I forgot to eat my own wedding cake. Our DJ – DJ Already also known as Jason Lee my old coworker  – is just really good and I didn’t want to leave the dance floor. Not many of our guests fel the same as I did so we also had games out for them to play. My dad had even made a corn hole set and that got a lot of action!

SB_3060_3940 SB_3065_3945 SB_3343_1747 SB_3352_1757 SB_3365_1775

We had planned to leave by confetti exit at 10pm, but half of our guests were gone and I just didn’t want to – I was done with the pomp and ceremony. So we helped pick up a little and our bridal party along with some extra straggling guests got 95% of everything picked up for my parents! LOVE THEM! Then we just left quietly and headed down to our hotel . . .

Our wedding was over!

*I will be posting the details of the décor with where I got things, etc next week*

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