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I’m a pinterest addict. I’ll admit it, and I find lots of crafts on there that I want to do. About a year ago actually, I saw this picture . . .


And really wanted to make a mirror like that for my bedroom. It’s made from one of those $5 Wal-Mart mirrors. We all have them from college or just because they’re cheap, but now that I have my own house and in wanting it to be the best house for Scott I wanted something better. So I enlisted my dad to help me add a better frame to mine. It turned out AMAZING! Scott and I are so happy with it and my dad wants to make one for his bedroom, but the journey there was not easy. We used the tutorial from the picture as a start, and kind of adapted it to make our own with what we had. You can find that tutorial here

Here’s the list of what to get at your local hardware store if you want to make one like mine:

2 – 1×4 whiteboards

wood glue

mirror wall fasteners – be sure the ones you choose have screws

stain color of your choice

larger nails/staples/liquid nails

things you’ll need but probably already have at home:



screw driver

paint brush

old rag

tape measure


Let’s start at the beginning . . . first we had to pull the old frame off. These things are cheaply made so I knew pulling the original frame off would not be a problem. I didn’t expect how easy though. I didn’t even need a crow bar or anything to help me get started. I just picked one side and pulled a little to see what I was working with  . . . and off it was. So the other sides I just did it carefully so as not to break anything.

step1all clear, ready to measure

Next, we measured our wood against the mirror to make marks where we needed to cut. We measured with the mirror and then used our tape measure to get the exact numbers . . . measure twice, cut once. I went into this wanting to have 45 degree angles on each board so it would sit right against each nicely like in the picture. We used this tool

step3my new favorite tool

step4clean edge, after cut

to measure each angle and cut the wood – be sure and sand  paper the edges down to a smoothness (what?) once you cut. Then we did the same steps as above to measure the smaller top and bottom pieces.

step5measure smaller sides

Now it was just time to put everything together! Sounds easy right . . . and it was fairly easy up to this point. Everything measured perfectly once cut so we set everything in its place and prepared to nail it together.  But our edges didn’t match . . . the cuts weren’t perfect. I know nothing about tools and I had no idea why this was happening. Papa B says it’s because we used a hand held electric saw and to get cuts that perfect you really need a drop saw which gets more accurate cuts. We spent the next hour cutting millimeters off certain sides to try and get it to match, but nothing worked. So we had the idea to just straiten each edge instead of having 45 degree angels on each side. So it would look like this lovely drawing . . .

drawingI’m the artist . . .

WE DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH WOOD!!!  But dad had an idea and I ended up loving it . . . we flipped the longer pieces so that the angle was outward instead of inward. Then cut the smaller pieces of wood to but up against the flat parts of the longer piece to attach the sides together.

step6just needs stain . . .

We used a little bit of wood glue to get it to stay secure. Then we hammered corner fasteners – they are the zig zag things in the picture below – into each connecting piece to be sure they would stay together. You can also use heavy duty staples or liquid nails. We also used mirror wall fasteners, which are at any hardware store (for cheap!) in the nail section. Be sure to get the flatter ones so that it will sit flush against the wall. We also put a little blue cloth just to give it some cushion.

step7makin’ it hang

Stain is super easy and so much more fun than I thought it would be. I used the Lowe’s brand – color called Kona. I painted the full right side . . . left it for a 1 minute . . . wiped it off . . . repeated on left, top, and bottom. After all was said and done I ended up loving it and it goes awesome in my bedroom. So it just goes to show that even the most frustrating of crafts can turn out better than you expected!


xx B*

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