the one with my first Julep box

This weekend was a nice relaxing weekend! I was able to get some good quality girl time in! I needed it! But I didn’t really get any pictures or have any fun stories. Which is nice every once in a while 🙂

I did; however, get my starter Julep box this weekend! I really love the idea of the beauty boxes that have become popular so I wanted to try out a couple of them to see which ones I like best and seem to send products I’ll actually use. My skin, hair, all of it . . . gets used to things easily so I change up my products about every 6 months, and I love to experiment with makeup so these actually seem like they could save me money in the long run. I’ve started with birchbox – which I’m still waiting for my 1st one – as it seems to be the most popular, and Julep/Maven because I love a good nail design, and because my BFF is a cosmetologist so anything I don’t like or the nail colors that I’m over I can just give to her – no waste!


I’m a sucker for packaging, and I think they did good with the starter kit. It’s all black and pink, and they even wrapped all the products up in a cute little bag with a bow 🙂


With the maven subscription, you get a choice of what style you want to receive the products to match. I chose bombshell . . . boho glam was a close second, but since I’m splitting this with a friend I wanted to choose one that fit both of us and bombshell it was. I was worried classic with a twist would be too boring sometimes, the it girl would be too bold sometimes, and the modern beauty didn’t seem to give nail colors which was why I wanted to try julep in the first place.


So far, so good! In each bombshell box, we get 1 full size beauty product – in the starter box it was a cuticle oil which I thought had a very clean scent and smooth feel. I could tell this was something you are supposed to use personally over time not just at the time of a mani so we’ll see how it continues to work. The colors were a nice orangey, coral and some sparklies! We used them on one nail just to try them out and they seem to go on smooth and even so we’ll see how the brush works for an actual mani and if it lasts like it should.


We also got a little sample of the rock star hand crème. I used it on my hands right before bed – not thinking that it would have a very distinct smell to it. It definitely did, but it was a nice clean musky with floral undertones smell so it wasn’t overwhelming, and did seem to moisturize well . . . definitely need to use more to verify that since my hands are always dry, but I didn’t like the scent enough to purchase it. All in all, I’m happy with the starter box, and am looking forward to getting the next one! I got a 3 month subscription to try it out. I plan to give a review each month and at the end I’ll tell you if I’m keeping up with them or not.

Do you get any beauty boxes, which ones, how do you like them?


*disclaimer these are my opinions. I am not employed or paid by Julep for this review*

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