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I’ve wanted to start a blog for awhile now, but I could never decide what to make it about. Crafts, cooking, weddings, makeup . . . all things I love and experiment with on a near daily basis. It was like trying to decide between chocolate and peanut butter . . . just depends on your mood, both are amazeballs, and together they’re usually better!

Then I got married . . .

I haven’t been married long, but I’ve realized all the things I was trying to chose between . . . are basically just part of being the kind of wife I’m striving to be. A beautiful woman inside and out, that creates a loving home with yummy food and happy memories for my hubby. And, so became Butcher’s Niche. . . a place for me to talk about ALL of the things I love, and how they relate to my life as Mrs. Stark. Butcher is my maiden name, and has been (one of) my nicknames since elementary school . . . so when I started my etsy shop it was a given that’d be what I named it, and it seems to work so I brought it over to the blog.

Every day will have a theme so if you just want to follow one part of the blog you’ll know what day to come every week!


Monday’s will be all about beauty: a weekend recap full of the fun makeup, hair, and outfit ideas I tried that weekend! My weeks are full of work so it’s normally the same, simple routine everyday, but on the weekends I break out the fun stuff! I am a little ocd about taking care of my skin – and makeup is part of that process – so it’ll probably mostly be makeup. But I do enjoy picking out my outfits and trying to do fun stuff with my hair so I’ll throw some of that in as much as I can. And it will almost always have a short movie review because we are big movie buffs, and usually see one on Friday date nights!

Tuesday’s will be anything related to DIY. I like to do a lot of things myself . . . from making art for our home, cleaning products, playing Mrs. Fix-it (usually with the hubby’s help), or just a fun pinterest craft I found. Tuesday’s will be a big mash-up of all that DIY.

Wednesday’s will be all things about my hubbers. At first, I’ll back track and tell you about our amazing wedding (which I, of course, planned myself). Then I’ll transition into our daily life. Little things I do for him to show my appreciation, date night ideas, decorating our house, and ideas for what to do with some of your favorite wedding things once the wedding is over.

Thursdays will be Tasty Thursday . . . like Thirsty Thursday, but with food! I try to cook at least 5 days a week for us so I’ll share all of the recipes I use. Sometimes I come up with them on my own . . . sometimes I adapt things from pinterest, a cookbook, or a magazine . . . sometimes I follow it exactly . . . and I’ll share some family recipes (my mama is an awesome southern cook so get ready for those)!

Finally, High Five for Friday’s! A blog I follow daily, Lauren Elizabeth, hosts a weekly link-up for all bloggers to reflect on their week by sharing 5 of their favorite things M-F.

Please feel free to always comment with anything you want to tell me, or contact me privatly ((just see the contact page above)). I welcome more ideas on things you would want to hear about so be sure and comment with those suggestions also! However, this is a happy place where we are loving and kind; therefore, I do reserve the right to delete any posts I feel don’t fit in with those values.

Obviously, every marriage is different as is every girl, so I’m not here to give advice (and if you’re going to give advice on marriage then I think you should be married MUCH longer than me). Just here to share the highs and lows of my life as a newlywed. I hope you enjoy, and keep coming back for more!

xx B*

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