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the one with the all american girl








white shorts/Racer Back Tank/similar sandal/bracelet/Coach sunglasses/headband as necklace

 Happy July, you guys! Our plans for Saturday are as follows . . .

First, get up late (like 10) have a festive breakfast of healthy pancakes with mimosas, whipped cream and blueberries. Head to the beach (probably at like noon) with some sandwiches, fruit, and beer where we’ll probably just stay posted in the water beer in hand except for when we come out to eat and re-lather sunscreen. We’ll head home (probably about 4) to shower, watch something really American like Independence day, and grill some hamburgers with mac n cheese, corn on the cob, and more beer. Then about 8 we’ll head back down to the beach with more beer where we’ll watch the fireworks while kicking our feet in the water.

Even on relaxing days I’m organized enough to have a time schedule. And with all that beer we might fall in the water, but this all american girl look will guarantee I look good while I’m doin’ it. Using turquoise instead of the usual true blue changes things up just enough to distract from the fact that I threw this braid together with hair full of salt water and sand.

What are your 4th of July plans?

the one about redesign

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Levi’s Women’s Classic Short . Ballet Flats  . similar bag  .

similar bag  . sunglasses . sweatshirt from this etsy shop

I wanted to talk about something other than an outfit and the weekend today. I know that’s not really my thing, but sometimes I like to throw a little post with some added flair  . . . something to provoke thought and prick hearts. Life isn’t all about fashion and design.

But I had some trouble. The problem is that my mind runs a hundred miles a minute so I can’t grab ahold of anything long enough to get more than a couple paragraphs out. I’ll finally get to the point where I have enough to say for a full post and then I  . . . I just stop. 

I question my writing. I question my voice. I question my knowledge on the subjects I choose to write on. For a couple days I was worried I was losing my touch. I worried that I had no more confidence in myself. But then I realized, that’s just my season of life right now.

I get the chance to redesign my life. Redesign my day to day. The basics are set, but I get to design the details. It’s like picking the accessories for the perfect jeans and white t.

So there’s a lot of questions. But really there’s lots of dreaming happening – dreaming of how and  what I want out of this new life I’ve gotten a chance at.

If you had a chance to redesign your life what would you do?