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the one with boyfriend jeans








cognac leather jacket . similar jeans . wedges . navy top . purse vintage .

I had to use another photographer than my normal 2 go-to’s for this one. Photography is not her forte . . . making chicken and dumplings, praying a lot, and having cute grandkids are her forte. She’s my mother, and I actually think she did pretty well. I considered it a success when she didn’t drop the camera, and listened to me when I said to wear the strap. But we even got decent pictures at that. I’m just super proud of her. Now if we could work on her driving skills . . .

I really love distress boyfriend jeans, and I knew they were going to be a staple here in Florida for the fall. But I have a little problem. My hips are quite different than the typical boyfriend. They will one day carry children . . . I have baby makin’ hips. Boyfriend jeans are much too tight is what I’m trying to say. So I made myself some. They may not be the perfect boyfriend jeans, but they work for me. All I did was by some flare jeans, roll them up loosely, and distress them. Easy peasy and super comfortable!

What’s your go to jean for fall?

the one with a baseball t








similar tee // similar tee . crepe dress . wedges . sunglasses . purple necklace // another purple necklace

I’m sort of obsessed with putting a cute shirt over an adorable dress.  I’ve done it at least twice on the blog (just thought of a third time), and I’ve done it about a thousand times in real life. But this baseball t adds a little extra flare to the whole outfit. Baseball t’s are just as comfortable as a regular ol’ t-shirt, but they give a little extra flair, and even another color for contrast. You guys know how much I love contrast.

These wedges – it’s a love story between the two (three?) of us. You’re going to see them a lot more on the blog. They’re basically the perfect shoe. I got them at rack room shoes – can’t find them online anymore, but they’re still available in my local store. I’ve linked to a really similar pair, but I’m not sure they’ll wear the same. AND that is what makes these shoes so perfect. A wedge that you can dress up, dress down, and your feet don’t hurt after 8 hours of walking through an airport. The perfect shoe . . .

Do you have a pair of perfect shoes? What about rockin’ t-shirts with a dress?

the one with that red lip, classic thing that you like









Calvin Klein linen button down  .  Short Sleeve Button-Down .  similar shorts  .  Coach Sunglasses  .

Mary Kay Crème Lip Stick Red  .  Envelope Clutch  .  shoes

I’m about to say something really unpopular right now. After you gasp and pet your cat, please hear me out.

I worry about Taylor Swift, and I think she’s a bit overrated. My friend Liz sent me Tay’s newest album because she was trying to sway me. It almost worked. I am not too proud to admit it. It almost worked. I know she’s talented, and I certainly don’t hate her. She does have that red lip, classic thing down pretty tight. But I just can’t get on board to the level which a lot of you are. She does have some really catchy songs, and they get stuck in my head ALOT. I hate it . . . I sort of love it.

So today’s look is my take on that red lip, classic thing that my husband likes. So this look is on repeat quite often in my house. Luckily, it’s quite easy . . . very comfortable . . . and that linen fabric is good for the hot weather.

What’s your version of that red lip, classic thing?