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the one with a jeans remix

Being a bridesmaid can be expensive. At it’s root you think there’s only one dress, and one event you have to buy. But there’s nothing more wrong when it comes to weddings. The shower, the bachelorette, the rehearsal, sometimes a brunch, sometimes 10 showers. Last week I shared how I remixed 1 dress for all the wedding events – minus the wedding, of course. And this week I thought I would share how I remixed some jeans for a few other weddings events. Some of us are lucky enough to get to go super casual for some and even all wedding events. But there’s no need to buy several pair of jeans or even several different accessories. But wearing jeans can be a little difficult even if the event is casual. You still want to look put together for the many pictures that will be taken, and a little fancy because it is a wedding.


Here’s your look for the shower/brunches/luncheons! Last week I said this is always when I want to wear a hat, and I didn’t pair a hat with this look. I guess I wanted to show you an option without a hat, but I’d still rock one if I were actually going to a shower.


Just like last week, adding a blazer takes your look to a professional look. Perfect for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner when you’re expected to be on your best behavior and impress the parents!


My favorite, the bachelorette party! lots of glam, lots of sequins, lots of jewels, even some killer heels – but still in your comfy jeans!

What’s your favorite way to rock jeans at a wedding event?!

the one about the reception part 1

The hard part of the wedding was finally over . . . or so I thought . . . it was finally time to just sit and enjoy. Maybe even dance a little!

It was VERY important to me that my guests not wait (another reason we took pictures before the wedding). I’ve been to many and been in many where the guest had to wait an hour or more – I was in one that we took pictures for 3 hours after the ceremony, while the guests sat at the reception hall. There was no way you were getting me to do that. . .I had a welcome table, gift table, and the seating chart all set up where our guests would walk in so they could sign our book and place their gift before they found their seat. By the time that was thru, they could grab a drink at our drink station and then it was almost time for dinner to start. Pictures of those are to come.

Mr. & Mrs. Stark walking in
Mr. & Mrs. Stark walking in

After about 10 minutes of alone time, and unwrapping 1 very special present (thanks uncle bob!), we got our bridal party all lined up again for introductions. Instead of doing the normal song and silly dance out, Scott and I had written 2 or 3 sentences about how we knew each member of our bridal party for the DJ to read while they walked out. They were funny, silly things – for example : “Next is the maid of honor, Bekah’s niece, Elizabeth. She’s known the bride since the day she was born, has blessed us with our flower girl and ring bearer, and if you’d like some ranch with your chicken she’ll have a bottle.” Or “ Escorting Tiffany, is her husband Drew who in 1995 asked Scott what he thought about ‘The Simpsons’ on the bus ride for the 1st day of 6th grade and they’ve been best friends ever since”. No one knew what we were saying except Scott and I so it turned out really well. We got to see everyone’s reactions as they walked out, and they all had HUGE smiles on their faces. We didn’t plan for our flower girl and ring bearer to be introduced, but they insisted on walking out with Scott and I. They stole the show, of course.

SB_3022_1528 SB_3015_3906 SB_3008_3900 SB_3004_1514

O! And everyone walked out to ‘California Love’ by Tupac playing in the background. Why? Because that’s our song, of course.

Another thing that was very important to me, was that our bridal party get to eat. I knew if we weren’t first to go thru the buffet line that Scott and I probably wouldn’t eat, and they might not get to either. So once we were introduced, our DJ welcomed everyone to dinner, my brother said a short speech about the day I was born (he was 14), I cried for the first time that day, brother prayed for our meal, and the bridal party went thru the buffet. After all that planning, I didn’t even eat. I was too excited, but the bridal party got to eat and that was the main goal. They told me the food was delicious, which I expected since I had only the best caterer ever. Our wedding was catered by Sweet Things Cakery. It’s a small cake shop here in Indianapolis that also sometimes does catering, and I’ve known the owner since the day I was born – consider her more like a grandmother to me so it was an easy decision to have her cater the wedding. She served her specialty of sesame chicken, cheesy potatoes, green beans with bacon, 7 layer salad, and dinner rolls. Our wedding was actually her last wedding, she announced her retirement to me after I got done eating.  I’m really sad for all of you that missed out.

me and -gma sue
me and -gma sue

Once the bridal party and our families were thru the buffet, the rest of our guests got to go thru. Scott and I had recently been to a wedding where the buffet lines were extremely long. So we decided to not have that at our wedding. We did 2 things. 1. We made two lines – 1 on each side of the buffet. 2. Each table was listed under the name of one of our favorite songs. When the DJ played one of the songs, our guests at that table got to go thru the buffet. My thought was that it would give each table about 5 minutes to go thru the line – which should be plenty of time for most of them. It actually worked out too well . . . my sister had to dismiss a couple tables before their song played.

You’ve probably noticed by now that we didn’t have a receiving line. I just didn’t have any interest in standing in a single file line and hugging everyone. I know that sounds kind of rude, but I’ve always hated doing it at other weddings – so many germs, and you usually don’t know half of the bridal party anyway. I really just want to say congrats to the bride and groom. There were certain people I knew we needed to greet,of course, I wanted to talk everyone, but even with a receiving line I’d still only get to say hi to everyone.   So once we were done eating Scott and I walked around and greeted everyone while they ate. We also had 4 empty chairs at our tables with a sign that I made for our guests to come and sit with us while we had dinner. That way if they wanted one on one time they could come and chit chat with us, and we also got around to talking to most everyone. There were only 4 people that I don’t remember talking to, but Scott remembers talking to them so it worked out perfectly.

After about an hour of eating and walking around to talk to our guests, we had our speeches. My favorite was our groomsmen, Daine, who explained our love perfectly by saying that he knew Scott had found the one when he stopped listening to aggressive music. So true – even though I still occasionally get to hear some Opeth, yay.  My bridesmaids did a speech all together – each one told a different part of our relationship and explained how they were a part of it. Rachel was there the day I came into work saying I met the man of my dreams, Shanna was my roommate while our relationship grew, Tiffany was there when we got engaged, and  Beth helped plan the wedding as my moh! Loved it!! And my dad made jokes like he usually does to suppress his emotion, but still made me get teary eyed like he usually does. My sister was the last to go, and she made me cry again. I didn’t look at her while she spoke, and she said the sweetest thing about the first conversation we had after I met Scott which I didn’t even remember. She also said that I was the favorite sister 🙂

brother's speech
brother’s speech
my papa
my papa

Now it was really time to party . . .

*I will be posting the details of the décor with where I got things, etc in a couple weeks*

the one with our wedding Ceremony

The 30 minutes before my wedding was completely nerve wracking. Photos were over about 4:30, and I headed back to the bridal suite thinking I’d be able to just relax and go over my vows a few more times. Everything had gone pretty well so far! It wasn’t on schedule, but by 4:30 we were on time and I was still in a very happy go lucky mood!

I noticed some things that needed finishing touches on my way to the suite so I checked in with my caterer and sister (aka wedding coordinator). I finally made it upstairs about 5 . . . with 30 minutes to spare. At this point I finally realized, how incredibly sweaty I was. Everyone told me I’d get hot since my dress was several layers. So I planned and wore some shorts underneath (chaffing is so not pretty) and my lovely bridesmaids had fanned me a couple times. . . but I was still hot. It was only 80 degrees outside and I was dripping in sweat. So I took my dress all the way off 30 minutes before I was to walk down the aisle and just sat in the bathroom for a few minutes . . . TMI? there’s more  . . . I was still sweaty so I actually stood over an air vent just in my shorts and started going over my vows with my bridesmaid Rachel to be sure I still had them down. I kind of wish I had a pictures of this, but it wouldn’t be pretty anyway. The next 20 minutes are pretty much a blurr . . . my other sister who lives a couple hours away came up to spend some one on one time with me right about the time I realized I was going to get MARRIED in twenty minutes . . . o! and by the way, I can’t remember one word of my vows. Why? No clue . . . but they were not in my brain . . . We had written our own vows together, and they meant so much to us. They said everything I wanted him to know that day . . . but I could not remember them at all.


Thankfully, my bridesmaids had it under control. Rachel wrote my vows down, Shanna and Beth gave me a banana and got me back in my dress, and Tiffany (my only married bm) related to my ‘imgettingmarriedin20minutes’ freakout and talked me through it! It was time to get married!

The processional started with my mama. She requested Scott to walk her down the aisle because even with 4 kids she had never had one of her sons walk her down the aisle at a wedding before! Scott chose the song “So was Red” for his walk down the aisle. It’s from his favorite movie Shawshank Redemption, and it’s really not bad plus that movie has a very happy ending. Then came his mom, who requested Jonathon her other son walk her down the aisle. Our grandmothers followed closely behind.

Scott and my mom
Scott and my mom

Then our lovely bridal party! I chose Butterfly Waltz for their walk down the aisle specifically the piano and cello duet. I played both the piano and cello in high school, and the song just sounded summery!

they were the only bridal party that smiled downed the aisle ha!
they were the only bridal party that smiled downed the aisle ha!

Then it was my turn! My dad and I had been hanging out in the garage just talking like we usually do, and I had forgotten for 2 minutes that I was getting married. But my hand instantly started shaking as we started to walk down the aisle. I looked at my almost husband a few times, and each time I started to tear up so I actually looked everywhere but at him on my walk down. When we got to the end tho, he was all I could see!

this is actually the first time i saw my dad that day, and I love this picture.

this is actually the first time i saw my dad that day, and I love this picture.

Our ceremony was  very important to us, but mostly we just wanted to be married so we requested a short ceremony. The preacher from the church we attend regularly, Lannie Smith, officiated for us. He gave a short, lovely sermon on 4 main points of marriage for us all to remember what we were there for. Scott and I read our vows to each other . . . ok, fine he quoted them by memory  . . . and then I pulled my hand written vows out of my dress, told him he was a better person than I was, paused for the helicopter going over us, and read my vows.   After we exchanged wedding bands was my favorite part of the ceremony, the unity ceremony called God’s Knot. We wanted to do some sort of unity ceremony, but since we were outside . . . and I don’t like to do the normal things. . . I didn’t want to do a candle or sand so we chose to do God’s Knot. It’s very simply 3 cords that the bride and groom braid together to represent the bride, groom, and God. It goes with Ecc. 4 – a 3 braided cord can never be broken! We had my nephew, Andrew, who is a very accomplished singer, sing I will made famous by the Beatles while we braided the cord. That song was almost our first dance song, but it worked out so much better to have him sing it here.


And then we were married! Lannie announced us as husband and wife, we got to kiss . . . and then everyone walked back down the aisle to ‘Bout time by Louis Armstrong.

kissykissy face

As soon as the recessional was complete, 2 of the very cutest thing happened . . . my nephew Me’Sean walked straight up to Scott, gave him a big hug, and said “you’re really my uncle now!” They have a true love! Then our flower girl realized she hadn’t thrown any of her flowers! So she went back outside and tossed them on the aisle! Have I mentioned that she is the most adorable person on the planet.


After a private moment upstairs to stand over the vent again and cool off relish in the fact that we were married, the party began . . .

the one with wedding photos

Remember this . . .

scheduleour detailed wedding day schedule

We’re up to 1:30. Our first look was definetly my favorite part of the day. I had wanted to see him before the wedding sooooooo badly because I knew I would be so excited that I wouldn’t be able to not touch him . . . I know it sounds weird, but i’m a cuddle bunny. I knew as soon as I saw him I would just want to be wrapped up in his arms for a minute or two and talk to him. Obviously I couldn’t do that at the alter so we chose to do a first look, and have a private moment together. Our photogs got some awesome pictures of us together before we saw each other. In this picture I’m probably saying “ what’d you have for breakfast babe” and then I got to see him! We spent about 10 minutes just the two of us, and then started in on some portraits.


This is where everything got way off schedule. The plan was to do some bride and groom portraits and then start in on the family portraits. Those were the two most important to me so that’s what I wanted to do first. Then we’d move on to bridal party fun shots. My mom and dad had set up some games, refreshements, cranked the air conditioning, and set up a tent outside to keep everyone cool and entertained while they weren’t having pictures taken! We knew it’d be a long 2 hours and I didn’t wany anyone but my sister to be running around doing stuff. Some of our family is notoriously late, and I was prepared for that. I had even tried telling them to be there by noon . . . so if they were 2 hours late they would still be there on time. I love my family so all I will say is it didn’t work out anywhere close to schedule. I thank god no one listened to me that morning and decorated, I also thank god for my sister who kept everything under control, and I thank god for my nephews who constantly kept coming up to where we were taking pictures to be nosy . . . they ended up helping when I needed someone to hold my bouquet or get us some water and they made me laugh! Finally, I thank God for my photographer who kept everything under control, went with the flow, and still made sure I got the shots I wanted and ones I didn’t think I needed and he made me do anyway.

My fam bam
My fam bam
my new fam bam
my new fam bam

Looking back I can’t believe the control freak, planner, slightly ocd girl in me didn’t freak out. I even questioned my MOH if she snuck me a xanax. But all I got was some champagne punch so, I credit my calmness to everyone I mentioned above, and the fact that I knew I was about to get married to the most pefect man.

Me'sean held my flowers and got me some water
Me’sean held my flowers and got me some water
lady played in the water
lady played in the water
newphew Andrew sang for me
newphew Andrew sang for me

After pictures, we were scheduled for an hour to relax, welcome guests, and touch up my hair/makeup . . . and then the real stuff. Here’s a few of my favorite pictures before we get into all that . . .

wedding2 wedding3 wedding4 wedding5maids

the one where i get ready

Yet another wedding post 🙂

The morning of my wedding I woke up to this . . .

maurishe looks like such a little lady 🙂

The best!! If you go back to this post you’ll know I was at the hotel room with my bridesmaids and flower girl. I woke up about an hour before everyone else and we watched tv and cuddled! I was in the best mood – very relaxed and happy – not a care in the world.

Our wedding was held in my parents backyard, I made all the decorations except for the flowers, and I didn’t have a wedding planner. So I needed my wedding day to run like a well-oiled machine. I also needed someone to be in charge while I got ready . . . someone who had my attention to detail and knew the design as well as I did. Their main job would be to set all the decorations and greet my florist, dj, and caterer. I chose my sister, and together we came up with a hour by hour schedule of the wedding day. After a quick starbucks trip (um, did you know you get free starbucks on your wedding day!?) with my bridesmaids this is what we tried to follow . . .


Of course, this isn’t exactly how it went. My mom had provided bagels, fruit, donuts, coffee, juices, yogurt, and all sorts of goodies for breakfast. From 9-10am there wasn’t as much to do as I expected, and there had been no rain overnight so everything was still dry. My bridesmaids and my dad were in worry-wart mode (after my own heart <3) so they put all the decorations down. My mom and I had gone to get our hair done and all the tables were decorated by the time we got back at 11:30. The tables ended up looking amazing and it worked out because the afternoon did not go as planned at all. I owe them so much gratitude! It also gave me time to go thru and see everything before the day got away from me. The decorations and details were important to me so being able to see them all before the guests got there was awesome! And my bridesmaids still had plenty of time to get ready and enjoy the day.

part of the set up before decorations began!
part of the set up before decorations began!
finished table
finished table

Purple has long been my favorite color so we knew from the beginning that it would be one of our wedding colors. The other was burlap so my bridesmaids wore purple. I had 4 girls with totally different body shapes, styles, personalities, skin tones, and I just love all kinds of purple! So we went to David’s bridal where I gave them 4 color swatches and told them to pick any dress that they loved in any of those colors. We didn’t plan it this way . . . but each girl had a different color so all 4 colors were used! I love how eclectic it all looks together. We all had on the same shoes, and they wore the same earrings so there was some sort of semblance between them. It also ended up being cooler than we expected that day so they all wore their hair down. My bridesmaid Shanna is a hairstylist so they decided to do their hair on their own with her there to help! Since the wedding was fairly casual and I love makeup we ended up doing our makeup on our own also!

two of my 4 bridesmaids getting ready
two of my 4 bridesmaids getting ready


I would have preferred to be there with them doing our hair together, but once it all happened I’m actually glad that I left. It was nice to just be away from all the hub-bub going on, and since I had my sister prepared to be my coordinator that day it was good to be away and not be forced to worry about what was happening at the venue. I also got to enjoy some wine and have girl talk with my hair stylist and mom!




Putting my dress on was usually easy because I did it by myself and just stepped in then had my MOH zip it up. But we wanted pictures of all the girls helping me . . . and it ended up taking like 15 minutes because I wasn’t used to that many people around and I didn’t feel balanced.

finally made it in my dress
finally made it in my dress

While I put my dress on, the florist and my groom arrived! Just knowing that he was down there made the day so much more real! I did sneak a peak out the window with my bridesmaid Tiffany to look at him which just made it worse! The florist only took about 20 minutes to set up because everything was already when she got there she just had to place it. I expected her there for at least an hour so by 1:30 we were ahead of schedule, and it was time for see to see my groom!


And don’t worry I will have the professional photos most likely in next weeks post!

flower girl
flower girl

the one where i got engaged!

carvingWe carved this into the stairs of the tower where he purposed!

On June 8th, Scott asked me to be his wife! I immediately said yes, and there began the craziest year of my life.

The west lookout in Brown County where he purposed!

Within a week, I had my wedding gown. I planned a girls day to officially ask my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids. We made a stop at Alfred Angelo just to try on some dresses and get a sense of what I wanted. I knew we were having a fairly casual wedding, but I had no idea what I wanted in a dress. I tried one on . . . loved it, but they hated it so I knew it couldn’t be right . . . tried two on, and it was too blingy . . . then I found it. I knew it was perfect. However, I would not recommend getting your dress that early. I stressed big time over maintaining my weight, and I fell out of love with it and questioned my decision MANY times. In the end, I still loved my dress, and I think it’s very classic so I’m sure I’ll feel the same in 20 years.

Two months after we were engaged, we had a lovely engagement party at my parents’ house. It was on a Sunday afternoon, so we just served dessert foods, and a theme of love is sweet!


party2Love is Sweet

The next few months were planning the wedding like crazy, and doing normal stuff . . . ya know, like the holiday season and our birthdays so no time for any other big parties . . . then at the end of March we hit the home stretch. On March 30th, my maid of honor, Elizabeth, held my bridal shower in the piano room of the Downtown Indianapolis Marott Apartments. She had the theme of Kentucky Derby Garden Party, and everyone wore big hats! Along with some finger foods and champagne punch, she had just two games that had everyone interact together and created some conversation, which was what I wanted more than anything. I had ladies from church, my bridesmaids moms, my aunts, and friends most of whom had never met each other so the conversation starters where exactly what we needed!

shower1Elizabeth had her friend Kayla play some songs on her guitar for me!

shower2my mom and grandma

A month later was my bachelorette party, which was AMAZE! Elizabeth and my bridesmaid Rachel got everyone together at a hotel downtown where we got ready together and had some girl time. Then we headed down to Buca Di Beppo Italian Restaurant and had a delicious meal! Then we headed out for dancing and fun, and then back to the hotel for some more girl time, and of course some greasy food to end the night right!

bacheloretteelizabeth had these made for each of us!

bachelorette2me and my ladies

Scott had his bachelor party exactly a week before the wedding. His best man and brother, Jon is in the Army so it had to be that way in order for him to have leave for both. He had a big group of friends go out bowling and to a concert together. The next Wednesday Scott, his brother, and our friend Ralphie went sky diving. Yup, I let my fiancee go sky diving 3 days before our wedding. I made sure I was his beneficiary on everything important before the wedding so I wasn’t worried 😉

bachelorScott and his boys

divein the air

The week before the wedding was basically finishing any last minute items, and helping my parents get the backyard ready (that’s where the wedding was). Thursday I spent the day to myself getting everything primped and primed to be sure I was all ready for the wedding. It was awesome to have a day to myself that close to the wedding and just relax! That evening my lovely cousins came in from West Virginia so we all had a big steak dinner to spend quality time together. I’m so happy they were able to come up and spend time with us.


 Friday I spent the whole day with my sister running last minute errands ( I actually went to the dr for a check up the day before my wedding  . . . who does that?!) Besides a vendor delivery almost interrupting the rehearsal, it went by quickly and smoothly. We had a basic ceremony that only lasted 20 minutes so the only thing we had to rehearse was timing our walks down the aisle to be sure the full songs played (that was important to me).

rehearsal3‘i do . . .

After our rehearsal, Scott’s parents had our families and the bridal party up to Holly Hock Hill for dinner.  HHH is a awesome, local, family style restaurant that serves fried chicken, mashed potatoes, apple butter, ice cream for dessert, and much more! I of course could barely eat, but everyone says it was delicous. Afterwards, Scott went home to hang out with his groomsmen for awhile while my bridesmaids and I got a hotel room for the night. I spent the evening by the pool with my flower girl and a glass of wine . . . trying to calm my nerves for the next day . . .

rehearsal2our family and bridal party

rehearsal1our last picture as a ‘single’ couple

poolat the pool with my favorite girl

To be continued . . .