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the one with a case of the Monday’s

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similar dress – original Target no longer available in color.
t shirt
leopard flats

The thing about Monday’s . . . is that everybody thinks they suck. Everywhere you hear people talk about a case of the Monday’s, don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee, and all that.

As a married gal, the weekends where he gets to wake up and lay there with me for a second are amazing. That stops on Monday’s which makes it so hard to wake up. So I get it. I even give myself breaks on Monday’s – I usually don’t work out, it’s the day I let myself stay in pj’s or work out clothes all day, meals are easy, etc.

But I’ve learned something in my 8 weeks of trophy wifedom*. Monday’s set the tone for the whole week. I don’t want my weeks to be filled of a case of the Monday’s or an attitude of don’t talk to me. I don’t want to spend my entire week in pajamas barely getting the necessary things done.

So today I’m starting something new! Monday’s are gonna be the best days of the week. Productive, healthy, happy, full of Grace, with lots of coffee, and most likely in work out clothes.

*I am not nor do I consider myself a trophy wife. I do however and am very proud of the fact that I have a very dry sense of humor.