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the one with shopbop’s Thanksgiving sale!

First things first . . . thanksgiving is in two short days. It’s not my favorite holiday, but I do love thanksgiving! I’m a firm believer that *most* of the Christmas décor should wait until the weekend after and ALL stores should be closed that day. But Black Friday is a huge part of Thanksgiving for me so the days before and the day of while cooking and spending time with my family and serving others I look at all the sale ads, and I make a plan. This year shopbop has made it easier for me . . . they’re having a huge sale so most of my shopping will just be done online.


The sale even starts today so most of it might even be done before the turkey is cooked. I decided to round up a few things that are on my list to show you what you can get over there to share with your loved ones. Remember you are one of your loved ones so feel free to maybe buy yourself a little something as well 😉 . . . also remember that some exclusions may apply find those here.


leaf stud and branch earrings


lace dress


balloon elephant money bank




good vibes pouch

What are your favorite store to go shopping for on Black Friday or are you a cyber Monday person!? Let me know what you pick up at the shopbop sale!


the one with another idea for Thanksgiving



fancythanksgiving 7





similar cognac heels . sweater . black dress . kendra scott earrings c/o rocksbox use code REBEKAHBFF47 for a free month

I try to re-wear as much as I can during the winter months because I know people will give me clothes as gifts – so I might as well spend my money elsewhere . . . or save it . . . that’s probably not gonna happen much to the chagrin of my husband. You’ll remember last year I did a capsule wardrobe during the fall and winter. I loved it! But this year since I live in Florida I feel a little different – I don’t feel the need to do a capsule wardrobe because my wardrobe is already pretty limited (i.e. no much layering). But since Christmas and my birthday are right around the corner I’m trying to save my doll hairs. So here I am with another idea for Thanksgiving featuring this stellar sweater that I wore a few weeks ago with my still new hunter boots. This one is for those of you who want to get a little more dressed up on Thanksgiving. I couldn’t give up the idea of being comfortable, and luckily this sweater is very comfortable. I paired it with the most comfortable dress I have in my closet . . . and one that will not show any stains. . . and the most uncomfortable but amazing shoes in my closet.

What are you gonna rock on Thursday for Thanksgiving?