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the one about daylight savings time


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Guys, this whole getting dark early thing sucks. Some of you might think that’s a harsh word, and to you I am sorry. But I needed a big word to get the point across because, ya’ll, I hate it. I thought being in Florida it would be a little different. Daylight savings time is day light savings time, and I knew that. But sunshine, guys. Sunshine! I always had a plan that blog pictures would be taken between 5-7. It was perfect . . . no matter what day, no matter what I would be doing that day . . . I could get dressed at 4 if need be, pick up the husband at 5, we’d have dinner, and then take blog pictures. Not anymore . . . not. anymore. Now we have to take them EXACTLY at 5 or on the weekends. And you guys, that’s frustrating. First world problems I know, but a problem nonetheless. Daylight savings time is serious, and dangerous.

On the blog, I sometimes feature a collage of 5 items that create one outfit. I have yet to show one on the blog. I’m sure there are some, but never one that I talked about. Well, here’s one. See I really do the stuff I talk about on the blog in real life.

the one with an olive jacket


leggings . tank . jacket . heels . necklace option 1 . option 2 . option 3

I’m not a shoe girl. I don’t know why. But every now and again there are shoes that come into my life that I love on a very deep level. These wonderful black strappy heels are those kinda shoes. I think it’s because they’re heels that are actually comfortable, and I just don’t find those like ever. Since I don’t walk in heels that much, it’s very awkward when I do so. But once I got these broken in, we were good to go in our love affair. I love them so much I think I might wear them when I go back to Indiana for winter. That’s deep.

But the jacket is the main part of this outfit, and rightfully so. It’s an amazing jacket. Sturdy, yet whimsical. Warm in the mornings, yet cool enough to keep on when the 80’s peak up in the afternoon. Practical yet also fashionable. Versatile pieces are perfect, and if fashion bloggers have taught us anything, it’s that an olive jacket is a versatile must have piece for your closet. I’m really excited that I got this one from Romwe.

Do you have a favorite jacket to wear in the fall?