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the one with neon’s in spring

May’s series was easy for me to decide on. All I had to do was look in my closet and I saw tons of bright colors. So considering summer is practically here a series full of bright colors is perfect. Actually narrowing it down to only 5 outfits was rather difficult. Thank God May has an extra Monday!  Surprisingly, quite a few of my bright colors are older. This tank is one of them! It’s from the gap a few years ago. I rarely spend a lot of money on trends, but neon is one of those that goes in and out quite often. And neon’s in spring is one of my favorite trends!

Another thing that is one of my favorites are these espadrilles! My grandmother used to wear espadrilles all the time. So I started to think of them as old lady shoes. But all of a sudden I saw these beauties and decided to jump on the espadrille train. I’m never going back you guys. These are maybe the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I mean flip flops are obviously more comfortable, but these shoes are super great.

tank . similar tank . similar tank . shorts . espadrilles . earrings . similar clutch . sunglasses

the one with a maxi skirt in the rain

maxi2 maxi5 maxi3 maxi8 maxi1 maxi6 maxi4 maxi7

similar skirt . flats . black shirt . scarf

When it’s cold enough in Florida to wear a blanket scarf . . . that means it’s raining. It’s weird that I’m slowly learning to love the rain. But we all know that’s only because I’ve been looking for reasons to wear scarves. So bring on the rain for a few more weeks, and bring on all the scarves. As soon as scarf season is over, I’ll hate the rain yet again.

Another thing I’m learning to love is maxi skirts with shoes and boots. It was always a bit awkward for me to pull off maxi skirts without sandals, but I’ve started embracing it. This maxi skirt from old navy is the perfect maxi skirt, and I don’t feel awkward wearing it with all my different shoes. It’s a light weight, breezy material with a comfortable waist and the perfect flare around the hips. And the neon color just makes it perfect. I was worried it would be hard to style such a bold color, but it’s actually quite easy when the skirt is this perfect. The most perfect thing about it? It actually hits the floor . . . even lays there a bit. Maxi skirts and dresses are supposed to hit the floor, but they rarely do. So when you find one that does you buy it in every color before it sales out – like this one has done.

the one with purple shoes









heels . blazer . shorts . similar top earrings
I don’t really wear heels that often. I’ve never really understood why you wear shoes that hurt your feet. I also have a wide foot and wide heels are hard to find. But I can’t help but acknowledge the appeal. So sometimes I just feel the need to put them on in spite of the pain, and that’s what happened with this date night outfit. There’s nothing better than purple shoes for me. I haven’t found the perfect pair of non heeled purple shoes so for now these are the perfect shoes for me until I find some a little flatter.

I found these earrings at  . . . wait for it . . . Walmart. I know! I hate going into Walmart, even in my small town. But it’s 1 of like 3 grocery stores here so I’ve started becoming a weekly frequenter of Walmart. #imissaldi So to cope with my Walmart trips, I wonder over to the accessories section to browse and I’ve found a few nice jewelry pieces there lately that I LOVE! Like seriously LOVE! and they were only $5 or $3.  So I decided to make an outfit around these earrings. The colors are grey, purple, green, and orange. I’m only missing orange, but sometimes you can have too many colors.

Are you a heel girl or a flats girl?