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the one with iron man’s Christmas list

My husband always has the weirdest things on his Christmas list. This year it’s a Zimbabwean trillion dollar bill, a coffee mug warmer to heat up his shaving cream, and a broom for tall people. That one actually he may get because I hate to sweep so he needs motivation to do it more. Without him I am nothing and our house is not swept. True story, ya’ll. Don’t get me wrong I love his quirkiness, and I encourage it a lot. But I want to buy him real things, things that are actually useful. A Zimbabwean trillion dollar bill is only worth $25 American dollars and therefore not useful, sorry iron man. So here’s the top 3 ideas he’s given me, that are actually useful.


Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB :: I know these seem almost ridiculous with all that our phones can do, but if you have a gentlemen who likes to workout these are useful. They aren’t as cumbersome, hold just enough music for a few workout playlists, and they clip to their shorts.

Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knife :: pocket knives are just useful in lots of different ways.

Typo Keyboard for iPad Air and Air 2 :: if he has an ipad, then this will make his life much easier. and it corrects his typo’s. perfect.

What’s on your husbands Christmas list this year ya’ll!?