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the one with a maxi skirt in the rain

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When it’s cold enough in Florida to wear a blanket scarf . . . that means it’s raining. It’s weird that I’m slowly learning to love the rain. But we all know that’s only because I’ve been looking for reasons to wear scarves. So bring on the rain for a few more weeks, and bring on all the scarves. As soon as scarf season is over, I’ll hate the rain yet again.

Another thing I’m learning to love is maxi skirts with shoes and boots. It was always a bit awkward for me to pull off maxi skirts without sandals, but I’ve started embracing it. This maxi skirt from old navy is the perfect maxi skirt, and I don’t feel awkward wearing it with all my different shoes. It’s a light weight, breezy material with a comfortable waist and the perfect flare around the hips. And the neon color just makes it perfect. I was worried it would be hard to style such a bold color, but it’s actually quite easy when the skirt is this perfect. The most perfect thing about it? It actually hits the floor . . . even lays there a bit. Maxi skirts and dresses are supposed to hit the floor, but they rarely do. So when you find one that does you buy it in every color before it sales out – like this one has done.

the one with a maxi skirt








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versatility is a noun that means having a wide variety of skills.

versatility describes having many different skills or qualities.

Versatility allows you to adapt to many different situations.

I love versatility. I especially love versatile clothing. When I go shopping if I can’t think of at least 3 different ways to wear with what’s already in my closet while browsing – then I don’t buy it (except for special occasions). 3 might sound like a lot, but it’s actually pretty easy. What will it look like by itself? Do I have a completer piece that matches it? Shoes that match? Can I dress it up and down? These are all quick questions to ask that will find you 3 different ways to wear it. It also cuts down on having unnecessary clothing filling my closet or clothes I rarely wear. I’m harsh at the store, but I’ve never been a girl to donate clothes with the tags still on.

This ‘dress’ I have on . . . it’s a skirt. Talk about versatility. I was a little worried that because of my shape I might just look like a sack of potatoes, which is why I added that belt. No potatoes in Florida.

Do you look for versatility when it comes to clothing?

the one with a knotted maxi

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 green aviator .  Skirt  .  Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee . similar Sandal

Faux Leather Croco Clutch . Diamond Stud Belt

I hope you all had a splendid weekend, and are ready for the week ahead. I’ve got big plans for this week so the weekend was filled with relaxation on the beach, making new friends, grilling out with the Iron Man, and praising my Lord.

If you’ve been following my new capsule wardrobe you’ll know that this skirt was not included. So sue me. Just kidding, please don’t.

I had left a spot open for a maxi dress or skirt, but I just felt like this one wasn’t it even though it was in my closet. It fits a little weird, and has no movement. But I got the idea to try the knotted maxi look so I didn’t have to worry about the pulling near the bottom, and had to try it out.

The result? I’m still not positive this is the skirt to include in my capsule, but I love this look. Also, the skirt still fits weird at the top, but the bottom is all fixed with a simple knot. I definitely had to walk around in it a bit to get used to it. About halfway through dinner I told Iron Man it was not gonna work, but then we walked around Target for a bit and I was convinced. So comfortable!

What do you think – will you try the knotted maxi?