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the one with the blanket scarf







jeans . shirt . scarf . earrings c/o . sunglasses

Last month when I was home in Indiana for my best friends wedding I was actually really dreading the weather situation. See I had told everybody that I vowed not to become one of those people who came home when it was 40 degrees and had on a parka and gloves. When you grow up in a place where 40 is the norm – even warm for winter time – then 40 degrees barely is good enough to break out a coat. But here I was living in Florida where it’s still in the 70’s and even 80’s regularly. I was real worried, and had the come back of ” shut up, at least I live in Florida” all ready for the several people I knew would let me have it. And then while I was packing I remembered something that comes with cold weather that would make it all better . . . a blanket. specifically blanket scarves. There really is nothing like curling up with a cuppa and a warm blanket.

There are so may new cute blanket scarves out there right now, and I can’t justify buying any of them so here I am rocking the old stand by. It’s lucky it’s so dang awesome. Which new ones have you picked up this season? let me live vicariously through you

the one about lime green


lime green maxi . vintage v neck tee . leopard flats . rose gold watch . braided belt . kate spade amethyst earrings . owl pendant

Today is my dad’s birthday. He’s quite the old man, like I don’t know how old he is. My dad is the kind of guy who stands out regardless of what he does. It’s not just his bald head that does this for him. He’s just a natural leader (my mom pushes him), and he’s also quite weird (very weird, the weirdest). But he’s the best dad, and he loves the 4 of us a lot. Well, that’s not completely true . . . I’m actually convinced that he loves my husband more than he loves any of his natural children – definitely more than me. Actually, no that’s not true either . . . he likes my mom the best even though she’d never believe you.

So this outfit is sort of inspired by him. He’s very wise like an owl hence the necklace. And he taught me to stand out no matter what others think hence the BRIGHT lime green maxi skirt. Turns out thought that people really like this skirt so standing out only gets me compliments. Dad is definitely up to something with this standing out stuff.

the one about redesign

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Levi’s Women’s Classic Short . Ballet Flats  . similar bag  .

similar bag  . sunglasses . sweatshirt from this etsy shop

I wanted to talk about something other than an outfit and the weekend today. I know that’s not really my thing, but sometimes I like to throw a little post with some added flair  . . . something to provoke thought and prick hearts. Life isn’t all about fashion and design.

But I had some trouble. The problem is that my mind runs a hundred miles a minute so I can’t grab ahold of anything long enough to get more than a couple paragraphs out. I’ll finally get to the point where I have enough to say for a full post and then I  . . . I just stop. 

I question my writing. I question my voice. I question my knowledge on the subjects I choose to write on. For a couple days I was worried I was losing my touch. I worried that I had no more confidence in myself. But then I realized, that’s just my season of life right now.

I get the chance to redesign my life. Redesign my day to day. The basics are set, but I get to design the details. It’s like picking the accessories for the perfect jeans and white t.

So there’s a lot of questions. But really there’s lots of dreaming happening – dreaming of how and  what I want out of this new life I’ve gotten a chance at.

If you had a chance to redesign your life what would you do?