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similar cognac heels . sweater . black dress . kendra scott earrings c/o rocksbox use code REBEKAHBFF47 for a free month

I try to re-wear as much as I can during the winter months because I know people will give me clothes as gifts – so I might as well spend my money elsewhere . . . or save it . . . that’s probably not gonna happen much to the chagrin of my husband. You’ll remember last year I did a capsule wardrobe during the fall and winter. I loved it! But this year since I live in Florida I feel a little different – I don’t feel the need to do a capsule wardrobe because my wardrobe is already pretty limited (i.e. no much layering). But since Christmas and my birthday are right around the corner I’m trying to save my doll hairs. So here I am with another idea for Thanksgiving featuring this stellar sweater that I wore a few weeks ago with my still new hunter boots. This one is for those of you who want to get a little more dressed up on Thanksgiving. I couldn’t give up the idea of being comfortable, and luckily this sweater is very comfortable. I paired it with the most comfortable dress I have in my closet . . . and one that will not show any stains. . . and the most uncomfortable but amazing shoes in my closet.

What are you gonna rock on Thursday for Thanksgiving?

the one with an idea for Thanksgiving









jeans . sweater c/o . leopard flats . rose gold watch . similar rose gold bracelet . coach leather cuff (Very old) . coral beaded bracelet

My family does not dress up on holidays – especially not Thanksgiving. Nope we like to keep it casual. Last year my sister surprised us by having family pictures taken by her step son (who’s an awesome photographer/graphic designer), and my sister in law and I looked at each other like . . . BUT WE’RE IN JEANS AND I DIDN’T WASH MY HAIR! Luckily we all looked put together because we had come from church so the pictures turned out great. But it got me thinking. . . should we dress up a little more for the holidays!? The decision was no, just a flat out no. I like our casual holidays of sitting around watching movies, eating lots of food, and laughing at my brothers ridiculousness.

So this Thanksgiving this is what I’ll be wearing. I fully admit that the bracelets will definitely come off during dinner. Bracelets are heavy and I do not need to be hindered when digging into the turkey and sweet potato casserole. But they sure are cute, and you never know when a photographer is gonna show up. We have to at least look put together, right?! 🙂

What do you wear on Thanksgiving? Come back next week when I will have an idea for you if your family dresses up.