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the one with that red lip, classic thing that you like









Calvin Klein linen button down  .  Short Sleeve Button-Down .  similar shorts  .  Coach Sunglasses  .

Mary Kay Crème Lip Stick Red  .  Envelope Clutch  .  shoes

I’m about to say something really unpopular right now. After you gasp and pet your cat, please hear me out.

I worry about Taylor Swift, and I think she’s a bit overrated. My friend Liz sent me Tay’s newest album because she was trying to sway me. It almost worked. I am not too proud to admit it. It almost worked. I know she’s talented, and I certainly don’t hate her. She does have that red lip, classic thing down pretty tight. But I just can’t get on board to the level which a lot of you are. She does have some really catchy songs, and they get stuck in my head ALOT. I hate it . . . I sort of love it.

So today’s look is my take on that red lip, classic thing that my husband likes. So this look is on repeat quite often in my house. Luckily, it’s quite easy . . . very comfortable . . . and that linen fabric is good for the hot weather.

What’s your version of that red lip, classic thing?

the one with diy cut offs

You guys, I know you’ve heard me say this before. But I shall say it again. I am a curvy lady. Finding boyfriend fit jeans and shorts is kinda hard. Turns out boyfriends do not have curvy thighs. I feel bad for them, really.

Since we’ve moved to Florida, I’ve worn jeans twice. Twice in 3 months. So I finally took that old faithful pair that should be awesome, but they’re just a little too old and cut them off. The result is more than I could have dreamed. Seriously. I love these diy cutoffs.

I wanted them to be clean cut. That way I could wear them casual or fancy. So it was more than just cutting them off. Here’s the how to . . .


– 1 Pair of Pants
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Tailor’s Chalk
– Iron
– Straight Pins (Optional)
– Sewing Needle
– Thread
1.  pick out your favorite pair of jeans! If you don’t know already know the length you want the inseam to be, out them on!
2.  I know I wanted a 5″ inseam. Old Navy makes wonderful shorts at 3″ or 5″ and I prefer the 5″. If you don’t know them pick a good place while your jeans are on and place a mark on the outside seam with tailors chalk (or whatever pen you might have)
3. Place your pants and lay them facing up on a flat surface. Using your ruler, measure from the hem of your pant to the mark you made on the side seam. Remember that numba!
4. Go to the inseam (the seam on the inside for all you sewing newbies) of the same pant leg. Measure up from the hem using the measurement from above. Mark the measurements with your chalk.
5. Using your ruler, draw a line connecting the two measurement marks. This will be your new hem.
6.  Measure down 1″ from your new hem and draw another line. Consider this the fold line.
7. Repeat Step 7. This is the line you will cut.
8. Repeat STEPS 4-8 on second pant leg.
9. Cut pant legs on the CUT LINE.
10. Fold your pants in half (so the legs are on top of each other) make sure your cuts are even.
11. Go to your ironing board/ironing area. Fold your cut line up to the fold line and iron in place. repeat on other leg.
12. Fold up to your new hem line and iron in place again. repeat on other leg.
13.  Taking a needle and thread tack each seam down (4 total).
14. put your pants back on before someone walks in and sees you in your undies.
15. rock your new shorts!
Be sure to come on back to the blog tomorrow to see the first way I styled these bad boys!