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the one with Diane Kruger

diane kruger

similar pant 1 // similar pant 2 // similar pant 3 . purse . newsboy cap shirt . shoes


Diane Kruger is known as a major stylista on the red carpet. For me she either knocks it out of the park  . . . oooooorrr . . . . it’s just a little too weird for me. But her street style is almost always on point as seen above.

One of the things I’ve noticed she does is a simple fashion rule that lots of people use. But she just seems to come by it so naturally. That’s to take one outrageous, focus item and keep everything else very simple and almost classic. Sometimes it comes across classic, sometimes fun, and sometimes like above it comes off a little eclectic/boho if you will. No matter what she wears she pulls it off, and I love to look to her for inspiration.

The pants I of course couldn’t find anything like them that wasn’t sold out. It’s always like that when you need it right. But I linked up 3 that are pretty similar. Same color combo, and 2 have a pattern like hers. I linked up just one plain, plum pair for anybody who just doesn’t want to rock a pattern on bottom. I got you, girls! They gotta be the right pants for me to rock a pattern on the bottom, too.

Do you like Diane Krugers style?

the one with Chrissy Tiegen


cut offs white t . panama hat  . chambray top . sunglasses . shoulder bag . sandals

Chrissy Tiegen is one of my favorite celebrities. She’s funny, she’s pretty, she’s married to a legend, she’s not ashamed of her stretch marks, and did I mention she’s funny. I forgot the most important part . . . she likes to cook and she seems to be good at it. There is a difference. AND she’s coming out with a cook book. I can.not.wait. You will see tons if not all of the recipes here on the blog because I’m buying one for me and all my friends.

Chrissy Tiegen is the queen of cut offs, and with it so hot short shorts sound real good right about now. I’m not wishing to show off my legs as much as she is so I chose these 4″ jean shorts from j. crew. Still short, but long enough to be modest – the shorts you see on me all the time from Old Navy are 5″. I also linked a white t from j. crew – I’ve worn this type before and like it, but let’s be real – like Chrissy – a white t is a white t is a white t.