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the one with madewell










jeans . tank . hunter boots . tote . jacket

It’s still raining fairly frequently here on the east coast. Can I say I live on the east coast? I do say it, and I will continue . . . east coast of Florida counts. Anyways, it’s still raining here and so the rain jacket and the hunter boots are still frequently seen around our little town. With this outfit, I decided to keep things pretty monochrome – black, grey, denim.

I’ve decided this year that I’m going to invest in some quality accessories. What do I mean buy that?  I’m still figuring it out, but ya know, some accessories are necessities . . . like belts, a nice leather bag, black pumps.  I’ve decided that this year I’m going to invest in quality pieces. No more $10 belts or $20 Target pumps. Those are perfect for crazy colored accessories that I don’t wear a lot. But my necessary, accessories are being upgraded this year.

So first up was a black leather bag that can fit a lot of stuff in it, and still be fashionable. Obviously, madewell was the place to go. And guys, I’m in love with it. Madewell killed it with this bag.

Do you have a madewell bag?

the one with rain boots and grace











Badgley Mishka . earrings . sweater c/o shopbop . hunter boots c/o shop bop
I love it when a mom lets her little girl dress herself, especially when that little girl is a girly, girl and loves tutu’s, sparkles, and bright colors. The outfits that end up on that little gal are almost always the most perfect display of her personality and all good little girl things. Have you noticed that most of them involve rain boots?Out of all my nieces and nephews (9), only 2 are girls. And only 1 of them is little. I have learned from her that even the girliest of girls need rain boots. Because when they see that puddle of water, they HAVE to jump in. There is no care of the risk that her clothes will be drenched, her hair will be ruined, or that the puddle might swallow her up. So when she chooses her outfit, and she picks her teal tutu to go with her pink rain boots – it’s like she’s preparing to take that risk. She knows it’s going to be a big day, full of adventure, and she’s ready for whatever life will toss her way. That’s how I want to be even though I’m not such a little girl anymore. Ready to take on the risk, and prepared to give myself grace if that puddle swallows me up.

the one about daylight savings time


hunter boots . olive coat . oatmeal tank . hat . jeans

Guys, this whole getting dark early thing sucks. Some of you might think that’s a harsh word, and to you I am sorry. But I needed a big word to get the point across because, ya’ll, I hate it. I thought being in Florida it would be a little different. Daylight savings time is day light savings time, and I knew that. But sunshine, guys. Sunshine! I always had a plan that blog pictures would be taken between 5-7. It was perfect . . . no matter what day, no matter what I would be doing that day . . . I could get dressed at 4 if need be, pick up the husband at 5, we’d have dinner, and then take blog pictures. Not anymore . . . not. anymore. Now we have to take them EXACTLY at 5 or on the weekends. And you guys, that’s frustrating. First world problems I know, but a problem nonetheless. Daylight savings time is serious, and dangerous.

On the blog, I sometimes feature a collage of 5 items that create one outfit. I have yet to show one on the blog. I’m sure there are some, but never one that I talked about. Well, here’s one. See I really do the stuff I talk about on the blog in real life.

the one with hunter boots








hunter boots c/o . sweater sold out – similar here . jeans . earrings old – similar here

There are purchases for each person that mean a little more than others. Buying a house, a car, a crib, a ring . . . boots. I don’t know when or where or why, but hunter boots became one of those kind of purchases for me. Hunter boots stood for some special kind of fashion to me. If I had those boots then I was a true fashionista who made wise fashion decisions. They’re not extremely expensive, but if I had saved the money to get them then I had also made wise financial decisions. Well here we are.  I now own hunter boots, and I feel no more a fashionista than I did at the age of 4 when I had a mullet (true story, thanks ma). I’m just a normal girl who really likes fashion, and really likes sharing ideas and stories and supporting other women. So I blog . . . and the hunter boots must be put on the blog because if not then I don’t really have them do I?!

I also still make unwise financial decisions for the record – don’t we all. But at least I have cute boots.


What’s one of these fun purchases for you?