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the one with a Halloween tablescape

There’s a giant table in my dining area that we got on an online garage sale. I love it, and iron man really loves it. Especially when he gets to pull the leaf out and show people how cool it is. However, we purchased it knowing it needs to be refinished. Guess what? We’ve had it almost a year, and it hasn’t been refinished yet. It’s a huge project, and I’m avoiding it. So I finally found a way to hide the maply, oaky, whatever color it is . . . decorating the table. I know. It’s so easy it sounds ridiculous. But I’ve never really been one do more than just a simple centerpiece so having a Halloween tablescape is pretty exciting for me . . .


To do this simple Halloween tablescape all you need is – 2 pumpkins, 6 votive candles, vase with dark flowers, cheesecloth, black and white fabric.



Once you’ve gotten your supplies together, just layer it together in a straight line the length of your table. Use the cheesecloth to connect the fabric to the items in an almost creepy way to bring in the Halloween factor! All of the items I used were pulled together from things I had at the house or from the dollar tree. That’s the best part of holiday decorations right!? When they don’t cost a lot, and are still awesome!



Do you have any fun Halloween décor at your house? What about projects still sitting around waiting to be fixed?


the one with 3 gallery walls

I was asked a few weeks ago what the hardest part about moving across the country and adjusting to a new city has been. Obviously, it’s not seeing my friends and family. We’ve found ways to communicate with our favorite people, added plane tickets to our budget, and have started making friends down here so it’s getting easier every day. But I realized that besides that, it’s been pretty easy. I’m a Midwestern girl, always will be, but I absolutely will not miss the snow come January. And I’m quite excited to add Palm Trees to my Christmas decor.

But there is something that bugs me a little, something I miss. I miss my house. Being in a rental right now while we get to know the city was a difficult transition for me. I miss being able to do as I please, and as much as the responsibilities can be overwhelming, I’d really like to have the control to move the smoke detector out of the way of the stove or buy a better fridge. But until that time comes for us again, I’m making this rental as much our as I can.

gallerywall3wayspin (1)

We have fewer walls than our house in Indiana, but I wanted as many of our things surrounding us as possible. So to cope I did the obvious . . . gallery walls for everyone! you get a gallery wall, you get a gallery wall, you get a gallery wall! Just like Oprah.

I didn’t want it to be ridiculous so we’ve got 3 gallery walls going on, all in different rooms, and all very different gallery walls. So today I thought I would share them and some thoughts on how I put them together.


1. Split down the middle. . . Exact copies on each side. simple. and perfect to flank the tv in a living room.

IMG_0820 (1)

2. corner it up. . . our bedroom has a weird layout so the tv ( i love to watch tv in bed) has to go in a corner. to bring it all together I made a small gallery wall using both of the walls. I simple chose to keep everything above the tv, and at the same height.


3. elclectic. . . this one is just a fun mix of all my favorite things. I just created a rectangle on the wall and put it all inside that rectangle. keeping things symetrical is the key.

What are your favorite types of gallery walls?