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the one about the green floral dress

I always get so many comments on my green floral dress from my winter capsule. It’s a gorgeous dress, and I love it so. It has a print similar to a rifle paper co print so I see why people love it. But. unfortunately, it’s over a year old and no longer available.


Funny story . . . It is actually featured in my favorite episode of ‘The Walking Dead’.  It’s on a zombie in the episode ‘Still’ from Season 4. Every time I watch that episode (which is weekly – no shame in my daryl game) I see my dress and I think ‘Damn zombie girl, you got good taste’.

I watch a Leonardo DiCaprio movie once a week also. It’s called loyalty.

Back to the dress . . . since it’s no longer available for purchase I scoured the internets and found 3 more green floral dresses that are somewhat similar for you to choose from. And I thought I’d show you how I would wear these gorgeous dresses.



This gorgeous dress is from Target. Seeing that I’m a little on the curvy side. I need something that will define my waist so I don’t look like a pillow case. So I’d belt this bad boy. To keep things casual I’d pair some nice gladiator sandals with it. I also would wear this to a wedding with a simple nude, heeled sandal and a gold belt.

  halter shift dress                                                                                                                                                                                  Belt in Cognac  Gladiator Sandals


This one is the most similar to my dress in shape and form. So here’s how I like to keep it simple.  Just a fun necklace and simple shoes. 

Chiffon Floral 3/4 sleeve dress
Teardrop Statement Necklace
High Heel Ankle Strap Sandal




And, finally, this is how I’d wear a green floral dress to work. I’m a firm believer that leopard is a print that can be mixed with any other print. And that is all I have to say about that.

Elbow Sleeve Floral Dress
flirty blazer


How would you wear a green floral dress? I’d love to hear!

the one with a diy lampshade

Sometimes I do little projects around the house, and I think to myself  “this is much too easy to put on the blog.”

Sometimes I do little projects around the house, and I think to myself  “this is too cute not to put on the blog.”

Today you get a project where I thought both of these, and I’m putting it on the blog for your enjoyment. It’s a quick and easy update for a diy lampshade .


FullSizeRender (3)

It’s so ridiculously easy that I thought about not even telling you how I did it. But that would defeat the purpose, so here’s a quick rundown.

Supplies –

hot glue gun with glue


chiffon flowers

similar lamp


Decide what pattern you’d like your flowers to go on before you start attaching them. Very important part – please don’t forget that part. Then just put a spot of glue on the back of each flower and push it down onto the lampshade. I find 3 squirts and then a little circular motion so it covers the entire center works very well with these flowers.

I’ve used these flowers with many different projects. They’re beautiful and durable. The shop I linked above has many different styles and her turn around time is solid. She’s taking a bit of a break so try this one in the mean time.


This diy lampshade is in my office, which has become my new favorite room in the house. We’ve had the same decorations in the past 3 houses, and I’m just ready for a change. But we’re in between right now while we get to know our new area. It seems ridiculous to start making changes, but the office is all new to me. It’s my place to learn my new style and get a few changes going. My diy lampshade is the perfect addition.

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (4)

Do you have any quick and easy projects going on that are too cute not to share?