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the one with an idea for Thanksgiving









jeans . sweater c/o . leopard flats . rose gold watch . similar rose gold bracelet . coach leather cuff (Very old) . coral beaded bracelet

My family does not dress up on holidays – especially not Thanksgiving. Nope we like to keep it casual. Last year my sister surprised us by having family pictures taken by her step son (who’s an awesome photographer/graphic designer), and my sister in law and I looked at each other like . . . BUT WE’RE IN JEANS AND I DIDN’T WASH MY HAIR! Luckily we all looked put together because we had come from church so the pictures turned out great. But it got me thinking. . . should we dress up a little more for the holidays!? The decision was no, just a flat out no. I like our casual holidays of sitting around watching movies, eating lots of food, and laughing at my brothers ridiculousness.

So this Thanksgiving this is what I’ll be wearing. I fully admit that the bracelets will definitely come off during dinner. Bracelets are heavy and I do not need to be hindered when digging into the turkey and sweet potato casserole. But they sure are cute, and you never know when a photographer is gonna show up. We have to at least look put together, right?! 🙂

What do you wear on Thanksgiving? Come back next week when I will have an idea for you if your family dresses up.

the one about daylight savings time


hunter boots . olive coat . oatmeal tank . hat . jeans

Guys, this whole getting dark early thing sucks. Some of you might think that’s a harsh word, and to you I am sorry. But I needed a big word to get the point across because, ya’ll, I hate it. I thought being in Florida it would be a little different. Daylight savings time is day light savings time, and I knew that. But sunshine, guys. Sunshine! I always had a plan that blog pictures would be taken between 5-7. It was perfect . . . no matter what day, no matter what I would be doing that day . . . I could get dressed at 4 if need be, pick up the husband at 5, we’d have dinner, and then take blog pictures. Not anymore . . . not. anymore. Now we have to take them EXACTLY at 5 or on the weekends. And you guys, that’s frustrating. First world problems I know, but a problem nonetheless. Daylight savings time is serious, and dangerous.

On the blog, I sometimes feature a collage of 5 items that create one outfit. I have yet to show one on the blog. I’m sure there are some, but never one that I talked about. Well, here’s one. See I really do the stuff I talk about on the blog in real life.

the one with boyfriend jeans








cognac leather jacket . similar jeans . wedges . navy top . purse vintage .

I had to use another photographer than my normal 2 go-to’s for this one. Photography is not her forte . . . making chicken and dumplings, praying a lot, and having cute grandkids are her forte. She’s my mother, and I actually think she did pretty well. I considered it a success when she didn’t drop the camera, and listened to me when I said to wear the strap. But we even got decent pictures at that. I’m just super proud of her. Now if we could work on her driving skills . . .

I really love distress boyfriend jeans, and I knew they were going to be a staple here in Florida for the fall. But I have a little problem. My hips are quite different than the typical boyfriend. They will one day carry children . . . I have baby makin’ hips. Boyfriend jeans are much too tight is what I’m trying to say. So I made myself some. They may not be the perfect boyfriend jeans, but they work for me. All I did was by some flare jeans, roll them up loosely, and distress them. Easy peasy and super comfortable!

What’s your go to jean for fall?