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the one with fall shoe trends

Fall is always where I’ve struggled with my shoe game. When winter falls, it’s boots every day. When spring comes I can’t wait to let my feet breath and just wear sandals all the time. But in the fall you never know what you’re gonna get. Some days it’s too hot for boots, some days it’s too cold to not wear socks . . . some days its both put together. Of course, I’ve only ever experienced Indiana falls. Indiana weather is unpredictable, but now that I live in Florida I feel pretty confident in saying I won’t be wearing boots much. I still must be stylish though #fortheblog so I’ve during Fashion week I did a little research on fall shoe trends, and I wanted to share my findings with ya’ll. Here’s 4 fall show trends in 2015 . . .


Fringe has been in for awhile, and it’s not going anywhere. If anything the fall temperatures, and darker colors are bringing it out in full swing. Get it . . . fringe in full swing.

tall fringe boot 
charlotte russe fringe ankle bootie 

Velvet always has a negative connotation to me. I can only think of this ugly velvet dress I had when I was little that my mom made me wear, but it’s time to embrace it, and these two pair are making it easy.

lauren conrad velvet cobalt heel 
kate spade velvet flat 

Cut outs have always been in style as far as I’m concerned. I love a good peep toe. But this year, the cut outs are all over.

black cut out bootie
cut out tan heel

Laces, laces, laces. laces on boots, laces on flats, laces on heels, laces everywhere!

dirty laundry tall lace up boots
lace-up flat

What’s your favorite fall shoe trend?

the one with an ode to the 90’s


shorts . similar boots // similar boots . sunglasses . watch . (bracelet a diy coming soon!) . t – shirt . plaid top (last season of this exact)

I am a child of the 90’s, and for 2 years I was a teenager of the 90’s. You guys, the 90’s were amazing. I just recently found out that college freshmen don’t have memories of a world without Jack Dawson or Harry Potter. This was life changing entertainment for me, guys! Life changing. So many life lessons learned from these two men, and the women in their lives. COLLEGE . . . COLLEGE freshmen. 3 things I hope from this . . . 1.I hope I’m not really as old as this makes me feel 2.They don’t know how good they have it. 3.I hope they went back and watched these movies or filled the holes in their heart with similar entertainment from the 2000’s. But, you guys, they don’t do it like they did it in the 90’s.

Also, thanks to my brother – a young adult of the 90’s – I know the wonders of grunge. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, the pilots, the pumpkins, did I mention Pearl Jam because they were his favorites.  My mother still had a heavy hand in what I wore so the closest I got to wearing grunge back then was a plaid shirt. So you can imagine my excitement when grunge got a little updated and brought into this year.

What’s your favorite decade?