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the one with 2015 swimsuits

Let’s be honest. I live in Florida where we’re reaching 90 degrees most days, so this post was only a matter of time from happening. Here are my favorite 2015 swimsuits from my favorite stores – Old Navy and Target – plus an extra for the plus size gals.


I’m gonna be honest. I think cut outs defeat the purpose of a one piece bathing suit. I don’t know where I would classify them (mostly because i don’t like them), but not a one piece. What I look for in a one piece is support, some tummy tucking/hiding, and it must be pretty. This plus size one is from mod cloth!


I might be alone on this one as a christian woman, but I found this year’s tankini’s to be pretty boring. Normally they’re the perfect solution. Easier and more versatile than a one piece, but much more modest than a bikini. But this season they are very basic, boring, and don’t show a woman’s shape at all. I think there are modest ways to show your shape and be stylish. These 3 get that done. This plus size one is from Old Navy.

bikinicollageBikini’s and I have a love hate relationship. Even high waist-ed I feel a bit too curvy for, and there’s the support for the girls issue. Of course, there’s the modesty issue too. But I do think it is possible to find a the perfect bikini. These are the ones I’d try this season. This plus size bikini is from Target.


That old navy cover up is sitting in my shopping cart right now just waiting to be purchased. Seriously, how amazing is it? That plus size cover up is from Target’s new Ava & Viv collection.

What are your favorite bathing suits for the season?