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the one with over the top Florida Glam









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Picture it . . . One of your good best friends travels down to your new home in Florida to see you. Your hair is super greasy. Like 4th day with no wash, so perfect for just about hair style you wanna do. Obviously, you spend some time playing around with curling wands, too much hair spray, and cat eyes. Because this is over the top Florida glam

But then you decide you need to go to the beach. Need to. Because Florida. So you leave your hair, you leave the cat eye, and you add some jewelry for your beach trip. Because this is over the top Florida glam.

You walk outside the house to officially head to the beach, you look to the left and realize your neighbor as the most amazing lime green house. Because this is over the top Florida Glam.

So you nonchalantly walk right over there with your good best friend and you have yourself a little photo shoot. Until the person that lives there starts looking at you through the window. So you nonchalantly walk away with your good best friend, and quietly say to each other “We’re gonna walk right past the house so she doesn’t know where we live.”

If she would have simply asked us, it would have been a simple explanation. Because this is over the top Florida glam.