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the one with 3 bedroom updates

The bedroom is where I always struggle with decor. I’ve always wanted a serene, calming bedroom with a nailhead or tufted headboard, and some purple in there. Being the diy’er that I am, I could not would not buy a headboard. Of course, I made it myself. You can find those here and here. However, I’ve lived with those nailheads for two years, and I hate them more every day. So I recently did 3 bedroom updates including getting rid of them.

  1. It was easy to get rid of the nailheads. I just used a hammer to pry the nails up, some ice to puff it back up, and ironed the wrinkles out. It feels like we have a whole new headboard that I can appreciate again. It’s 5 years old, and the fabric has started to fade so it will have to be replaced when we move. But for now it makes me so much happier. 
  2. I also added some new handles to our nightstands. These are the ikea brimnes nightstands. We had the plain white handles that come with it on. I always knew a better handle in a metal with make it look soooo much better. I just never got around to it. But we’re about to buy a new dresser, and I wanted the handles to match. So much better. The handles are $2 ones from lowes that aren’t online. Please ignore the milk dud in the carpet. 
  3. Lastly, I put up some new art above the bed. I love how it simplifies the area. It really brings it all together in the room. There were too many woods/metals going on. This fixes it I think! The frames are 16×20 Ribba’s from ikea. The prints are these.

the one with embroidery hoop wall pockets

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of invitations. Because I’m very popular.

Nope, my cousin is getting married and I know 2 pregnant ladies. Still an introvert over here.

But it made me realize that only one little 2×2 part of our fridge holds magnets and therefore invitations. So  I took to pinterest and found a picture of these bad boys (just a picture not a link). I just happened to have an extra embroidery hoop and some fabric laying around so let me show ya how I made mine. It’s super easy and incredible adorable. If it had stripes instead of florals my husband would even like it.

What you’ll need ::

embroidery hoop

fabric to fit – I’d say half a yard to start

one 8×11 piece of felt

12 inches of trim or fabric decorations

hot glue gun


How to ::

start by separating your embroidery hoop

then cut your fabric within an inch or so of the smaller hoop

after that it’s time to get your pocket ready!  take your trim/decorations and hot glue them onto the felt.

then turn your project over so the fabric is print side up over the hoop, and place your felt near the bottom half (where your pocket will go)

Next, place the larger hoop over the fabric including the felt and tighten the screw back in.

hot glue the extra fabric around so it doesn’t show

hang and enjoy!

the one with tv stand ideas from ikea

With baby Jack at home, it feels like every day I find something new we need to babyproof!  The most important is our tv stand. We have a great tv stand that I love currently, but the sound system sits on separate stands that are not sturdy. So once little man starts crawling they will be a major problem. The husband and I are taking care of the problem within the next month so I’m looking for all the ideas now.Our tv stand now is from ikea and it’s perfect! It was just a little longer to fit the speakers it would be perfect. It’s good quality, inexpensive, and easy to clean. Sure it could be better quality if we spent more money, but with a little man around and hopefully more kids down the line inexpensive and easy to clean wins out.

I’ve made the decision to use the besta for our new tv stand from ikea as well. It’s almost the same as our current, and it’s longer. I just need to decide which style to use it in. That’s the great thing and also the worst part of ikea. There are so many different doors and shelves and knobs and so many other things for each base. I love the individuality that you can chose for each piece. But it also gets a little overwhelming. So I’ve found a few things on pinterest to give me ideas, and I wanted to  get our opinions!

I like the simplicity of this one. The butcher block top also gives it a little personality, a little structure, and some ‘rusticness’ to it. This one is simple and sleek so the rest of the pieces in the living room stand out.

Again this one is sleek and simple, but the personality comes in with the feet and the handles. It would be cheaper and easier than getting a butcher block top most likely, but no rustic qualities.

I guess all of my choices are simple and sleek, huh?! The personality with this one comes in the cabinet doors, tho.

Which is your favorite?

the one with Jack’s nursery

Jack’s nursery is finally done! I’m always ahead of the game. But not with little man’s room. I had to wait for his blanket to be made! However, it was completely worth it. It is my favorite blanket ever, and my favorite room ever. At first I was a little overwhelmed with what to do in here. Then I rode the peter pan ride at Disney World after 12 weeks of pregnancy. So I decided for that to be the base. However, I didn’t want the whole thing to be peter pan. Since we’re moving early next year I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Finally, I decided to just go with what I felt and not have a major theme. Without further adieu, here’s Jack’s nursery . . .

file_000-1 file_001-1 file_000 file_000-3 file_005 file_002-1 file_001 file_001-3 file_001-2 file_000-2 file_002 file_003 file_004

The room is actually pretty close to my inspiration board! I’m really happy with the small peter pan references. Especially since I never wanted it to go overboard. I went back and forth for a long time on what color crib to get. Most of the wooden furniture in our house is white. There are some stained pieces, but they are mostly accents. I decided to go with the stained for Jacks nursery because he’s a boy. I wanted the room to be a little different than the rest of the house and be obviously for a little boy. The darker crib gives it that old school manly study feel.

I included some not great pictures of his closet. Since his room is shared with our guest bed (tiny house) I really had to use that space wisely. So it includes my craft supplies, the vacuum, and his diaper changing station. Now that he’s getting bigger we’re cloth diapering, and I plan on doing a post about our system including how I store our stash later. Since that dress is all things diapers it also includes his bibs, burp clothes, and extra blankets. So more on that later! Finally, The other dresser is for his clothes that do not need hung up and his accessories like shoes and hats. I can’t wait for him to fit in his shoe collection!

Links for everything is below! If something is not listed, I or someone who loves Jack made it! But I listed most of hose as well just in case! Let me know if I missed something!

striped basket

rocker – thrift shop

  plaid pillow,

navy pillow – pillow cover I made with clearance fabric at Joann’s

 white and gold pillow

white sheets

hexagon blanket – gramma made it 🙂




tall dresser



bowling pin – thrift shop

 piggy bank

 orange frame

wreath – made it

lost boys print (in old frame from Target)

 book ledge


wooden frames – made,

lion print

 be brave print – made

scrabble canvas – made

arrow canvas – made

silver frames

peter pan prints


chalkboard – made

 basset hound art – picture of Barney the basset hound printed on shutterfly canvas

black dots canvas – made with fabric from Joann’s

black frame (target),

beach baby print (made)

the one with the guest bedroom

The nursery is well underway. There is still so much work to do, and my crazy type a self feels like I’m behind schedule already. I have 3.5 months before he’ll be here. I admitted I was crazy. We have a 2 bedroom house right now. Since he’ll be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for the first few months of his life, and we’ll be moving in the first few months of 2017 (he’ll be born in October), we’ve decided to make a combo guest/nursery room.

That room is already a guest room, but I had just thrown all of our random outcasts in there when we moved in – it had no real theme or purpose other than a bed for our guests. But to finish it up was easy. I needed a bed, some decor, and a little table by the bed! I’d loved to have dresser or bigger table for our guests to put their bags on, but that’ll have to be on the list for our new house! All of this was already in the guest room so I just had to bring it all together.


Our entire house and the nursery has lots of blues, greys, greens, and white added in to bring the light so it was easy to feature those colors in this room! I grabbed this duvet insert to give that down comforter feel, but keep it cool since we’re in Florida. I figure I can also easily add a duvet cover to change things up if I ever feel like it. The pillows are from our couch that we don’t use in the living room, but you can find similar ones here. The floral pillow is fabric from Joann’s clearance bin that I made a cover from. Once those things were set, the room was all ready for decoration!


For the wall decor, I made a little gallery wall of old family heirlooms and pictures surrounding this mirror from Target that everyone has. The nightstand I kept it simple. I’ve had the eiffel tower lamp for years – like 15 years. I love it so, so much, and it represents a lifelong dream for me so I’ll never throw it away. You can find similar ones on amazon, but none that are silver.

So there it is! The half guest room of our house! I love the way everything came together and how bright and happy it looks. That is how I want all of our guests to feel when they visit. Anyone else have a guest room/nursery?

the one with an office update

A few weeks ago, I finally got around to showing you, our living room in the new (but not really) Florida house. I mentioned that I’d be moving the desk in there, and I realized about 5 minutes ago I never showed you where. Well, if you look at the picture below, that’s where we left off – the perfect little living room for my family. And where I’m standing was a giant 6×6 hole right by the lead into the kitchen that was just a blank greige wall. Guess where the desk went!?


The desk was in the guest room. I had the perfect little set up half office/half guest room, and it made me get ahead in my work a little when guests did come since I wouldn’t be able to use it then. I was always much more present which I enjoyed. But with a little babe on the way it had to move. Luckily, we have guests quite often so I’m in a nice routine of doing some blog/work/food prep before they get here so I’m not scrambling. Plus, I’m sure it’ll be convenient to have my work space right next to where the baby will most of his day.


Since I use a labtop I don’t need much on my desk. Just some storage for outgoing mail, important papers to be filed, and office supplies (pens, washi tape, post its, and paper clips) is all I need. All of the storage items I got at Target a year or two ago and they work perfectly. Sometimes – like right now as I share this with the world – I think I want to get new more modern ones. Like a gold basket, or monochrome dishes . . . but these are cute and work great!


Yes I took these pictures in April – that was just last week – but I guess I Should have switched the calendar knowing this would be posted in May. Whatever, we’ll get over it. The desk itself is the perfect desk. I looked hard for a good and affordable desk when we bought our first house two years ago. IT was hard. I even made one and decided I didn’t like it. But this melltorp table from ikea is THE perfect desk and the chair was thrifted – you can find really similar brand new ones at Target and Walmart, but these have a certain used charm to them and they were hella cheap so I grabbed them all. Once the baby is here I’ll probably add a laundry line with all my favorite pictures of him – maybe a tassel garland tho. Thoughts?

Where’s your workspace? I need to be inspired when I sit down to work so I’d love to see and hear all about it!

the one with Florida living room reveal

I try to keep this blog about things that are happening in my real life or in general for the world. . . like spring jackets because it’s spring, maternity dresses because I’m expecting, etc, etc. So for today’s post I had originally listed nursery ideas. But then I realized that would be 2 weeks in a row with 2 posts all about the baby. Welp, I don’t plan on turning this into a momma blog so I had to rethink some things. That’s when I realized . . . I’ve never shown you my Florida house! So today we’re starting with the living room!

a little back story . . . When we moved down here a year little over a year ago, we wanted a place to rent that was reasonably priced, in a safe and quiet neighborhood, and that would fit our current furniture (we didn’t have time to sell and restart which might have been easier). This place was perfect for all of those conditions. The plan was to live here a year while we got to know the area, made friends, found a church, and settled in with Iron Man’s new job. Well, we ‘ve done all those things and we love our quiet beach town, but with his job we’ve found that a move to another city is possible in about a year. We also discovered about 3 months ago we need to save some money for a little person growing in my belly. So we’re staying here for another year.  It’ll be a tight squeeze once the little one is here (if I just had about 2 feet on the side for storage), but he’ll be sleeping in our room for a few months and the financial benefits of staying here are MAJOR. Plus we like our little house – the room I’m showing you today is what sold us on it. And the fact that it has a nice greige paint color throughout so I didn’t need to paint! Let’s get to the fun part the pictures . . . .



the one with throw pillows

Someone asked me recently if I had a $100 to spend at Target what would I buy. I instantly without hesitation said throw pillows and rugs. I’m just ready for a quick, inexpensive, and easy change in our living room. A throw pillow is the perfect way to do just that, so I gathered together some of my favorites from recent searches to show all of you . . . funny enough only one is from Target.

throw pillows

tribal print . mostly I just love the colors in this one. plus it’s so not crazy with the tribal pattern so when that style is no longer popular this one could still be left out.

geo floral . I’m sort of obsessed with cross stitch right now, and since I have no clue how to do it myself this pillow is definitely on my wish list.

owl  . owls will forever more be one of my 2 favorite animals, and it’s so hard to find owl decor that isn’t cutesy. you know what I mean.

ampersand . we actually have this pillow, and it may be described as me in pillow form.

metallic . metallic is really in right now for home décor. a throw pillow is a great way to introduce it and not commit to it.

pom pom . at least one throw pillow has to be fun so why not go pom pom fun! plus Jonathon Adler never goes wrong.

watercolor I’m still obsessed with watercolor, and I believe every room needs just a little floral.

What are your favorite throw pillows?

the one with a pottery barn wannabe

I used to post my goals on the blog, and they definitely kept me accountable – coming back here and saying I hadn’t accomplished them was not cool so I worked my hardest to not. Those posts didn’t stop because of that – they just don’t fit much around here anymore – but last week I got a welcome reminder of what those days were like. I posted all about my newest tablescape to hide our table that we needed to refinish last week, and guess what!? I got the motivation to finish it.


The table was a steal at $50 from an online garage sale. It’s in good, solid condition with no problems AND it holds 8 people. We have a big family so fitting 8 people around a table sounded amazing especially for $50. But I didn’t like the stain on the table top and it did show some wear. Here’s the before . . .


The spindle legs reminded me of something pottery barn would make, and since the table is in such great condition I wanted to do this the right way and make it something that would come out of those glorious pottery barn catalogues. That was a daunting task, even for someone who loves DIY, so the table sat for a year. We did move 1000 miles away from home unexpectedly and on a month’s notice during that time, but still this could have been done a long time ago.

The most daunting part of refinishing the table was getting that varnish and stain off the top. So I took it a little at a time using Citri strip to get it all started. This paint/varnish stripper is genius. you spread it evenly and thickly over your area, leave it for 30 minutes, then sand it off. It was sticky and got really clumpy so the sanding took awhile, then I washed it off, then I sanded it again. Once it was all off and not sticky anymore I sanded the whole table down some more. If you don’t have an electric sander, I’d definitely recommend buying one if you have a project this big. Amazon has several for around $20 and just the help you’ll get to your hands is worth that.


One it was all sanded and cleaned again, it was time for paint. This table is going to be heavily used so I put one coat of Rustoleum flat black ultra cover for industrial use. I know it sounds like a bit much, and this stuff stank. But once it was on it’s so worth it. The application was smooth, and I could tell it’s gripping to the wood the way it’s supposed to so it won’t show wear and tear easily. To get that pottery barn affect, once it was completely dry I took my sand paper – 120 grit- and gently went over the entire top. Some spots came off easier than others, and some spots nothing happened – distressed. On the curved edges, I purposefully pressed harder with the sand paper I spots so the wood would show through. I put 2 coats of flat polyurethane on top for some more protection, and then let everything dry completely.


It’s been two weeks since the table has officially been done, and I have to tell you I wish I hadn’t waited so long. I’ve been sitting here everyday working instead of at my desk or on the couch, and we even . . . wait for it . . . we even sit at the table and eat dinner sometimes now.  I guess I’ll be putting more things that need to get done up on the blog.


the one with a Halloween tablescape

There’s a giant table in my dining area that we got on an online garage sale. I love it, and iron man really loves it. Especially when he gets to pull the leaf out and show people how cool it is. However, we purchased it knowing it needs to be refinished. Guess what? We’ve had it almost a year, and it hasn’t been refinished yet. It’s a huge project, and I’m avoiding it. So I finally found a way to hide the maply, oaky, whatever color it is . . . decorating the table. I know. It’s so easy it sounds ridiculous. But I’ve never really been one do more than just a simple centerpiece so having a Halloween tablescape is pretty exciting for me . . .


To do this simple Halloween tablescape all you need is – 2 pumpkins, 6 votive candles, vase with dark flowers, cheesecloth, black and white fabric.



Once you’ve gotten your supplies together, just layer it together in a straight line the length of your table. Use the cheesecloth to connect the fabric to the items in an almost creepy way to bring in the Halloween factor! All of the items I used were pulled together from things I had at the house or from the dollar tree. That’s the best part of holiday decorations right!? When they don’t cost a lot, and are still awesome!



Do you have any fun Halloween décor at your house? What about projects still sitting around waiting to be fixed?