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the one with tv stand ideas from ikea

With baby Jack at home, it feels like every day I find something new we need to babyproof!  The most important is our tv stand. We have a great tv stand that I love currently, but the sound system sits on separate stands that are not sturdy. So once little man starts crawling they will be a major problem. The husband and I are taking care of the problem within the next month so I’m looking for all the ideas now.Our tv stand now is from ikea and it’s perfect! It was just a little longer to fit the speakers it would be perfect. It’s good quality, inexpensive, and easy to clean. Sure it could be better quality if we spent more money, but with a little man around and hopefully more kids down the line inexpensive and easy to clean wins out.

I’ve made the decision to use the besta for our new tv stand from ikea as well. It’s almost the same as our current, and it’s longer. I just need to decide which style to use it in. That’s the great thing and also the worst part of ikea. There are so many different doors and shelves and knobs and so many other things for each base. I love the individuality that you can chose for each piece. But it also gets a little overwhelming. So I’ve found a few things on pinterest to give me ideas, and I wanted to  get our opinions!

I like the simplicity of this one. The butcher block top also gives it a little personality, a little structure, and some ‘rusticness’ to it. This one is simple and sleek so the rest of the pieces in the living room stand out.

Again this one is sleek and simple, but the personality comes in with the feet and the handles. It would be cheaper and easier than getting a butcher block top most likely, but no rustic qualities.

I guess all of my choices are simple and sleek, huh?! The personality with this one comes in the cabinet doors, tho.

Which is your favorite?

the one about the shopbop sale

I’ve said it many times shopbop is my favorite online place. Quality, designer, and decently priced items that you can get quick and easy. There is nothing better in my opinion. And guess what, there’s a shopbop sale happening right now until Saturday.  I collected a few of my favorite things from the website that would be perfect for all the upcoming beach days now that spring is here and summer is on it’s way. BE sure to check out the entire website, I’m positive this shopbop sale includes some AMAZING clothing deals.


pizza blanket . beach radio . just chill cooler . tote . water bottle



the one with throw pillows

Someone asked me recently if I had a $100 to spend at Target what would I buy. I instantly without hesitation said throw pillows and rugs. I’m just ready for a quick, inexpensive, and easy change in our living room. A throw pillow is the perfect way to do just that, so I gathered together some of my favorites from recent searches to show all of you . . . funny enough only one is from Target.

throw pillows

tribal print . mostly I just love the colors in this one. plus it’s so not crazy with the tribal pattern so when that style is no longer popular this one could still be left out.

geo floral . I’m sort of obsessed with cross stitch right now, and since I have no clue how to do it myself this pillow is definitely on my wish list.

owl  . owls will forever more be one of my 2 favorite animals, and it’s so hard to find owl decor that isn’t cutesy. you know what I mean.

ampersand . we actually have this pillow, and it may be described as me in pillow form.

metallic . metallic is really in right now for home décor. a throw pillow is a great way to introduce it and not commit to it.

pom pom . at least one throw pillow has to be fun so why not go pom pom fun! plus Jonathon Adler never goes wrong.

watercolor I’m still obsessed with watercolor, and I believe every room needs just a little floral.

What are your favorite throw pillows?

the one with a Samsung kitchen

Guys, I’ve probably told  you this before, but just in case I have not let me remind you my feelings on living in a rental house . . . blerg. I have owned my own home twice, and both times had to move back into rentals. It’s where we currently are now since our recent move from the north to the south, and I know it was a good decision. We also get lucky with our house, and our landlord. I recently found out about the new Samsung line of black stainless appliances at hhgregg, and decided to put together a mood board for my next house.

There is just nothing like having your own space to do with how you see fit, and no one asks you questions or gives you permission. ESPECIALLY your kitchen. Only Jesus and I know just how deep my yearning for my very own custom made kitchen is. I got close at our last house with our kitchen remodel. It wasn’t custom, but we did renovate extensively. I loved it, and it was all me. I learned some things during that renovation, and it just makes me want to renovate another kitchen to make it even better (and even more me). Here’s 5 things on my list . . .


A big ol’ fridge :: The hubs and I like to eat fresh food. We like to eat healthy. We try out bests, and having a big ol’ fridge helps motivate me to do so. Besides having the cool black stainless steel look, Samsung has a 4 door fridge! 4 doors! you only have to open the section you actually need. And it holds 23 bags of groceries so all that fresh food will fit and be organized.

A stylish rug ::It’s sort of hard to add in textiles to your kitchen, right? It shouldn’t be because everybody needs a rug and some towel’s. I know I’m risking a lot with a white rug in the kitchen, but guys it’s so plush and wonderful. I won’t actually do this, but I wanna.


A fun color cabinets and some open shelves ::I love the look of open shelving, and it makes everything simpler to get to. I know it means you can’t hide your mess, but I’m a neat freak so that wouldn’t be a problem. I love white cabinets, but in our next kitchen I definitely want to try something fun like black or navy!


A killer dishwasher ::I have never had a good dishwasher. It’s a true tragedy in my life, and I will rectify the situation when I get to design my next kitchen. Samsung has this pretty amazing dishwasher. Just some of the fun stuff about it . . . it cleans the dishes faster, holds 15 place settings, has adjustable racks, and has waterwall and zone booster technology to clean  the dishes better.

A butcher-block countertop ::I decided to get a butcher-block island I our last kitchen, and instantly regretted not having them throughout so next time butcher-block all over it is. It’s so versatile and hardworking, while bringing in a little rustic yet modern quality that I love.

What’s in your dream kitchen? tell me all about it so we can dream together! And while you’re at it be sure to check out all of the new Samsung appliances. The black stainless is amazing right!?! Head on over to their website and come back here to tell me which appliance you want in the comments below. On Dec 31st, I’ll choose one of you to win a $25 hhgregg giftcard!!

If you’re in the market hhgregg is having a great sale through 12/31 (no promo codes needed):

Up to $1000 Off Samsung Refrigerators
Up to $1000 Off Black Stainless Steel Refrigerators
Up to $500 Off Black Stainless Steel Ranges
Up to $200 Off Black Stainless Steel Dishwashers
Up to $100 Off Black Stainless Steel Over-the-range Microwaves

the one about a stylish door

Having a welcoming stylish door to your home is just part of taking of your house to me. I could walk up to a house with a plain white door and the people inside could be wonderful, inviting, warm, the best of friends. They probably are. I know that, and I do not judge. But walking up to a bright blue door with a green wreath lets me know they’re also a bit eclectic. Walking up to a large wooden door with a wreath floral wreath lets me know they’re earthy, rustic. Walking up to a black door with a monogram let’s me know they’re modern.

When you’re renting, that wreath becomes even more important. The front door of a rental could be any color, have any number of dents or scratches, and who knows how old it might be. I’ve had rust colored doors, red doors, orange doors, white doors, grey doors, doors that I’m pretty sure are a hundred years old, and doors that I’m pretty sure should be condemned. But I always have a pretty wreath on my door.



I almost always make my own wreath and find a jazzy door mat from Target to go with it. That wreath up there is my recent creation, and the how to is over on My Crafty Spot today. The watercolor coffee filter flowers were so easy to make. I want to make more, but have no reason to. It’s unfortunate.

How do you keep your door stylish?