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the one with the hangover kit

3 days ago (or would it be considered 4, I never know if I should count today) was my besties bachelorette party. One thing you need to know about me is that I’ve been in quite a few weddings, and I’ve been the maid of honor in every one. I think it has something to do with my type A tendencies, organizational skills, party planning, and over all love of spoiling people. So it’s where I really shine – especially the bachelorette party. Now I am a Christian woman, and I love Jesus. But I also love champagne, and I knew the day after the bachelorette party was gonna be a rough one. So I created a hangover kit to give each girl attending.


What’s in the kit is pretty self explanatory, and if you’re making them yourself should be adapted to yours and the brides preferences. But for ours I included . . .  A snack and a water for later in the evening or for a quick breakfast the next morning, chocolate in case you get snacky while drinking, a fun straw so we were stylish while annoying other bar hoppers, a hair tie to pull your hair back for obvious reasons, some gas x also for obvious reasons, Tylenol for the next morning, gum for fresh breath and big drunken bubbles, a metallic arm tat because those are better than waking up with a real tat, glitter for throwing, and a bachelorette scavenger hunt for some party fun!


The scavenger hunt was the best part to put together, and I figured what better way to celebrate that than to share with all of you. So here it is . . . save it, print it off (5×7), share it with friends, pin it whatever you want to do!

Copy of bachelorettehunt

What are your hangover kit necessities?

the one with Hallmark

It’s November 10th and I’m posting my first Christmas post. I have held off long enough, you guys. But I have good reason to bring it up. No seriously, I am team no Christmas décor until after Thanksgiving. I’d rather put up Christmas décor than go shopping on Black Friday. But Christmas shopping I will do all the time especially when I see all the fun things at Hallmark.


Last week I waltzed in to Hallmark because I heard they had amazing wrapping paper. (Here’s where I admit that I’m almost done Christmas shopping, and am ready to start wrapping. I know a lot of you are in the same boat so let’s just embrace it, ok girls!? Let’s get our wrapping on so our trees will be perfect Black Friday morning.) Anyway, back to the point . . . while I was hanging out in hallmark, I saw so many cute stocking stuffers. And so many of them were Star Wars related. I’m sure you’ve heard that there’s a new movie coming out close to Christmas.  That’s when I realized there were a few people who I had forgotten to add to my list.


Iron Man (my husband) and I recently joined a small group at our new church here in Florida. We love our people, and they love Star Wars.  They open their home to us every week and they give us sweet treats every week. So we had to treat them with these star wars salt n’ pepper shakers.

There are several people like that in our lives, aren’t there? People that aren’t family and aren’t necessarily our best friends, but they are good people. They deserve some attention and love from us especially a the holiday season. Hallmark is the perfect place to find those gifts and the perfect wrapping paper for them.