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the one with diy mobile for the nursery

Every day I lay Jack down in his crib to take 2 naps. He hates it. He’s just not good at soothing himself to sleep. So I decided to add a mobile to see if it would keep him occupied. I didn’t need much. We already have a nightlight, white noise, music, diffuser, etc. Basically we just needed something for him to look at. Once I found this on amazon I decided to go ahead and make the rest!

It was REALLY simple, but a little time consuming. First, I had to decide what to put on there. I wanted something not heavy that would be easy to hang on string. So paper! The theme in his room is Peter Pan ‘ish’ with lots of animals, blues, and green. That led me to arrows. After a quick etsy search, these were on their way to me.

Each string is 12″ long and has 5 arrows on it. Once they were cut and tied on, I simply glued two arrows back to back to attach them to the string. All done!

I wish the actual movile was not so large. It’s just this giant white robot arm on the crib now, but the rest of it is adorable. Best part, it’s helping the little man soothe himself down for his naps!

the one with christmas decor from oriental trading

This is probably the first year ever that when I look around my house at all the christmas decor . . . I’m completely happy. Just completely and utterly happy. Years past, I would think well if I had more . . . or that I needed to move something. I was constantly moving things around to make it perfect. But not this year. And that is thanks to oriental trading .

In our small house, all we have to decorate is the tree, ‘mantel’, dining room table, a small buffet table, and the front door. I’ve loved our tree for a few years now ever since I got the thick burlap garland. Specifically that it’s a thick garland is why I like it. This year I added some gingham black and white fabric as a skirt to make it a bit more modern. Plus it makes the ‘holly jolly’ match! My favorite addition to the mantel is of course our new stockings! We had to get new ones because of our new family member! (stockings, holders, and holly jolly are from Target – trees are all old – ornaments and burlap garland are old from etsy).

What really brings it all together and makes me so perfectly happy with our christmas decor this year, is the bottle brush tree centerpiece I made from items at oriental trading! I’ve craved bottle brush trees for two whole years now, and I finally broke down to get some this year! To make mine I used two of the pine boxes with cardboard (cut from the boxes they came in) to make a stand and white tissue paper (from the boxes they came in) to create the ‘snow’. Easiest centerpiece ever . . .

This weekend I’m having a cookie exchange party, and this will be the perfect table for the cookies to be around! Like a little christmas woodland town full of trees and cookies! What could be better this time of year! Oriental trading also has the perfect cookie boxes for my guests! I chose the paint cans and to be festive I hot glued some cardboard stars on the side! Be sure to check out instagram this weekend for all those details!

*I received some items from Oriental Trading in exchange for this post, but all opinion are my own

the one with a diy initial ornament

Every year I make a new ornament for our tree! The goal is to have it commemorate the big event of the year. I call it the ornament event! Of course, when something big happens I do say out loud ‘is this our ornament event!?’ But this year I knew pretty early on what our ornament event would be. I knew on January 27th – the day I found out I was preggo with baby Jack! So this year I decided to make a diy initial ornament! It’s the first holiday craft for my baby boy, and it was super quick, inexpensive, and easy! Just the way I like it!


What you need:


scrapbook paper

washi tape

mod podge

sponge brush



paint marker

flowers/decor to accent

hot glue and gun


How to:

  1. First, trace your initial onto your scrapbook paper. Then cut it out.
  2. Second, use your sponge brush and cover the back and front of paper with mod podge as well as the top of the initial. Then place it perfectly on top.
  3. Once the mod podge is dry, cut  a piece of washi tape to fit where you’d like. Then place it carefully.
  4. Next up, write a phrase, date, or little diddy on the washi tape!
  5. Then hot glue your accents in place!
  6. Finally, cut a piece of string to use as a hook and staple it to the back of the initial.


the one with an embroidery hoop wreath

Around our house we make new decor for the front door on all major holidays and for all major seasons. Since birthdays are considered holidays I even make them for those. However, the husband says that’s overboard. But he couldn’t stop me from making some new decor for a NEW birthday!  and guess what, We love it most of all! We love it so much that we put it inside. Now, let’s talk about how to make your own.

embroidery wreath


Roll of cork/sheet foam board
14″ embroidery hoop
10″ embroidery hoop
1/2 yard fabric of choice
Mod podge
Glue gun
Faux flowers
Floral shears
White pen or pencil

embroidery wreath pin

Instructions for your embroidery hoop wreath:

  1. First, Lay out hoops on top of cork or your foam board and trace around the outside edges of the hoops with white pen/pencil.
  2. Then, Cut ring out of cork.
  3. Repeat same steps with fabric.
  4. Once that’s done, Use mod podge to adhere fabric to cork ring.
  5. Then, Hot glue hoops to the edges of fabric/cork ring.
  6. Finally, Hot glue flowers onto the bottom right section of your wreath

embroidery wreath 2

Tips: Once the hoops are glued to the cork ring, you will probably have to trim around the edges of your cork/fabric in order to make it fit right. It was kind of just trial and error for me!

Are you as obsessed with front door decor as I am? Since the door is the first thing everyone sees I think it’s super important to have a good first impression. Maybe if we all join together we can convince the haters front door decor is worth it!

the one with diy 3D arrow art

For our new nursery, I wanted to use a lot of what we already had for the decor. We’ll be moving when he’s 5 months old or younger (please pray for us, ha!), so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. But I know who I am as a person. That person has a nursery ready for her son when she’s 8 months pregnant. We’re about 2 weeks away from being 8 months pregnant, and the nursery is almost done (right on schedule). The end result is my favorite room I’ve ever decorated, and I will probably use everything in his room at the new house. My current favorite piece is the 3D arrow art I made about a month ago, and I had to share it with all of you.


 Here’s what you’ll need :: 

a canvas – any size, but a rectangle shape will probably be better

fabric or paint of your choice to cover canvas

arrows – I got mine here

acrylic paints of your choice – and paint brushes

water and paper towels

exacto knife

burlap string/twine/ribbon of your choice


The how to :: 

  1. Get arrows prepped – Paint your arrows in any random design you like. I wanted mine to be like brother and sister – related, but different. So I kept the same idea and color scheme, but used a different design on each. You will be including your string in the design so remember to think of where you’d like it incorporated.
  2. Get canvas prepped – While the paint dries, it’s time to get the canvas ready. Mine was an old canvas with an old design that needed covered. I chose to cover it with fabric since it would completely cover the design and do it easily. All I did was wrap the canvas like a gift with the fabric – very tightly, and staple it on the back.
  3. Attach arrows to canvas – Place your arrows where you want them on the canvas, once they’re dry. Choose 2 to 3 places on each arrow to add string and mark each spot with a small x. Make a small cut with your exacto knife on each x. Loop your string through each hole numerous times and tie together in the back to hold the arrows to the canvas.


That’s it! Now just hang your canvas! I like the idea of arrows for a baby boy (or girl, really) because it makes me think of going your own way, staying true to yourself. That’s definitely something I want to teach my boy. Peter Pan is also a small theme in the nursery and he carried a bow and arrow (among other things). What about you? Anyone else working on nursery crafts?



the one with a gift card booklet

First of all, and very important . . . if your name is Emma, you know me personally, and you are graduating from high school this year STOP READING! No seriously, stop reading. I’ll tell you all about it later.

And now . . . I can’t believe that I have another nephew graduating from high school. If they could all just stop aging that’d be fine by me. But another will graduate in just a few days along with his darling girlfriend. He’s a boy so he just gets a boring check or maybe a gift card I haven’t decided yet. But his girlfriend gets something a little more special. So I made her a gift card booklet! Here’s the how to . . .



2 pieces of scrapbook/construction/card stock paper



embellishments for front

to do::

Fold first piece of paper in half and glue all sides together

take half sheet and fold in thirds – make sure all edges are crisply folded

cut second sheet into 3 or 4 (3″ x8″) sheets

fold the bottom 3 inches of each sheet up  to make a pocket. glue it on the inside ‘sides’ of the card.



glue the corners of the pocket together – so that’ll it hold the gift card – and repeat until finished. be sure to only glue pockets to the inside ‘sides so the outside resembles a card.

Once all your pockets are glued on and ready for their gift cards, decorate the front with any embellishments you want and add the gift cards to their pockets!


All done! What’s your go to graduation gift?

the one with scrapbook tiles

I spent a little bit of time last week googling ‘when does nesting start’. But then I realized . . . I don’t care. And as I told a friend this she said to me “You pack two weeks before a vacation. This is normal for you.” Yup . . . This is who I am. Let’s nest away. So I started with the fun stuff . . . purging. And gosh it was glorious, you guys.

But that’s not what you’re here to read about. You’re here for the stuff most people think is the fun stuff . . . decorating his room. His room is going to be what was our office/guest room so I had a lot of furniture and wall décor already in there. I’m trying to reuse as much of it as possible, but that means a lot of it has to covered over and made into little boy things. First up, were these canvases that I made to fill a space when we first moved here. I like them, but I never loved them. So I covered them with some leftover fabric scraps I had. And one of them I hot glued some scrapbook tiles to! Super easy . . . here’s the exact how to.


What you need
– hot glue gun and glue
– scrapbook tiles in a phrase of your choosing
– fabric scraps to fit your canvas with 4″ extra on each side
– stapler and heavy duty staples


– wrap your canvas like a present. Start on the longer sides and staple as you go – pull the fabric tight so there are no bubbles. Fold the fabric – like a present – on the shorter sides and continue pulling the fabric tight as you staple.
– once all your fabric is attached, glue your scrapbook tiles directly onto the fabric. take your time to be sure everything measures up and is straight.
– hang it on the wall!

It’s that easy!

the one with diy laundry detergent

In an effort to be more green, cut down on chemicals, save money, etc . . . and the fact that we finally have a place with our very own washer and dryer . . . I decided in 2013 to make our own laundry detergent. Recipes for these are not hard to find it’s just deciding which one you want to use. I chose to go with Liz Marie, for a few reasons – 1. I like how she gives a 1 year review so I know what to expect. 2. She talks about how to prevent the hardening. 3. Most importantly, my hubbers is obsessed with oxyclean, and I wanted there to be a stain fighter in my recipe.


Here’s what you’ll need . . .

1. One four pound twelve ounce box of Borax. You can use 2 smaller boxes.
2. Three bars of Fels-Naptha soap. You can use any soap of your choice.
3. one four pound box of arm & hammer baking soda.
4. one box of arm & hammer super washing soda
5. four pounds of Oxy Clean
6. Laundry softener cyrstals for scent.

and here’s the how to . . .

1. Grate the fels-naptha bars into a bowl
2. dump fels-naptha into a large container
3. Mix all other ingredients into the bucket & shake it all up together.
4. Place into container of your choice

You can find this all at your local grocery store or . . . I did go to a super target and couldn’t find some of it (like the bars of soap), but every other grocery store I frequent has it all (walmart,kroger,marsh).

I have a 64oz rubbermaid container from target to keep what we’re not using in. With the lid snapping shut it will prevent the hardening, and it’s really convenient to store in a cabinet with the rest of my cleaning supplies. It was also really easy to just dump everything in and then let my husband mix it all up (so he could touch the oxyclean, boys are weird).

The cute little 1 gallon glass container that I keep on top of the dryer along with the homemade fabric softener is refilled about 4 months from that rubbermaid. It’s very easy, convenient, and neat. My favorite 3 words.

This cost me (with the containers) about $25 and usually lasts me over a year. Every recipe I found says it lasted them a year, and I only have 2 people so our first bath made in late 2013 lasted us until the beginning of 2015. We’ve got about 4 or 5 months left of that round. $25 = 1+ year of laundry, that’s

the one with Christmas wrapping and hallmark

I love brown paper packages tied up with string. As cheesy as it sounds, it tis true. My husband says it’s why love Christmas so much . . . I only think about the brown paper packages and string I get to buy and wrap. But it’s really just something about seeing all the packages wrapped up under the tree, and thinking about how much love is being shown in your home amongst your family and friends. This year though . . . all my packages get to be transported with me on an airplane 1100 miles north. BUT thanks to Hallmark, my packages will still be cute, festive, and look like the love they are filled with!


I always like to add a little something, something to my brown paper packages . . . like a chalkboard tag with their name written super cool. Or a HUGE bow wrapped around it in a fun color. I always like to go for pink or mint sometimes even ice blue – pastels of Christmas colors 🙂 Yup, I know it’s werid, but my fam bam has come to expect it and love it.


But since all my packages have to go on an airplane this year, and then be wrapped quickly on Christmas Eve Hallmark is pulling through for me yet again. Their wrapping paper is AMAZING! Just look at this navy wrapping paper I’m using! They also have a super cool package that comes wiht 4 kinds of plaid. My mama picked those up and I may have to steal some of it for a little change up while I’m at home. All I need to make pretty packages is the wrapping paper and some string. Gold foil string, of course, because this isn’t a barn (unless it’s a pretty barn with chandeliers and candles, then yes, this is in fact a barn).

This season Hallmark has pulled though for me numerous times! With quick and asy gifts, to the perfect thought out gifts, and now even the wrapping. Are they your one stop shop this holiday season?

the one with the hangover kit

3 days ago (or would it be considered 4, I never know if I should count today) was my besties bachelorette party. One thing you need to know about me is that I’ve been in quite a few weddings, and I’ve been the maid of honor in every one. I think it has something to do with my type A tendencies, organizational skills, party planning, and over all love of spoiling people. So it’s where I really shine – especially the bachelorette party. Now I am a Christian woman, and I love Jesus. But I also love champagne, and I knew the day after the bachelorette party was gonna be a rough one. So I created a hangover kit to give each girl attending.


What’s in the kit is pretty self explanatory, and if you’re making them yourself should be adapted to yours and the brides preferences. But for ours I included . . .  A snack and a water for later in the evening or for a quick breakfast the next morning, chocolate in case you get snacky while drinking, a fun straw so we were stylish while annoying other bar hoppers, a hair tie to pull your hair back for obvious reasons, some gas x also for obvious reasons, Tylenol for the next morning, gum for fresh breath and big drunken bubbles, a metallic arm tat because those are better than waking up with a real tat, glitter for throwing, and a bachelorette scavenger hunt for some party fun!


The scavenger hunt was the best part to put together, and I figured what better way to celebrate that than to share with all of you. So here it is . . . save it, print it off (5×7), share it with friends, pin it whatever you want to do!

Copy of bachelorettehunt

What are your hangover kit necessities?