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the one about styling my lob

It’s time for another  infamous post about hair. I’ve never been good at styling my hair, and I have hair that’s hard to manage (very fine, too healthy, extremely thick). So these posts are few and far between. But a few months ago I cut my loooooong hair into a lob, and all of a sudden I’ve decided to spend more time finding ways of styling my lob. I’ve always know this and haven’t washed my hair every day for several years, but since having a lob it’s become very obvious that my hair does better when it’s not washed. Like it actually does stuff other than hang there when it’s not washed. It’s pretty amazing. Here’s how I make it 4 days (maybe even 5) without shampoo, but still have clean hair and an unitchy scalp.


Day 1: I switch up shampoo’s every 4 or so months because my hair gets ‘used to’ products. Right now I’m using Clear Shampoo. So on day 1 it gets a wash, repeat, and condition If it needs it I’ll do a deep condition with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist .  I use my Wet Brush Brush to get all the tangles out and spray a little volumizer on the roots. If I can I let it air dry before finishing, but I do use a hairdryer if necessary. I play with my hair a lot so this works to give it a nice straight, volumes down hair for the day.


Day 2: A little dry shampoo on the roots, and some teasing at the crown to give it some volume – we’re all set for another day of it being down. It feels the same as it does on day 1.  Sometimes I tease the bangs and pin them or part it in the middle if I want them out of my face.


Day 3: This is the money day. It’s got enough oil and product in it that I can do whatever I want and it will actually hold! All that thick hair will even hold a curl, but it’s not dirty enough to feel gross. So a little dry shampoo on the bangs to keep them looking less stringy and I pull it into a high pony, a chignon, some waves – something other than just down. And yes I know the picture below is not a lob, but it’s good example of what I do on day 3.


Day 4: It feels gross on this day if I’m being real honest. I could wash it, and sometimes I do. But most of the time I just wrap it up in a top knot with lots of dry shampoo. I tease the bangs and pin them back because ‘hello straw’. I actually really love my hair like this, but by the end of the day my scalp is itchy 90% of the time. It’s still worth it though to me to make it 4 days.


Day5: If for some reason my scalp isn’t begging to be washed, and I’m not working out on day 5 (the sweat would make it itchy) then I’ll braid it up. If the bangs don’t go back with it they have to be washed. My hair is really oily by this day, and there is just nothing to be done about it. Worst case scenario I can’t wash it or braid it then it’ll work hidden under a hat 😉


There you have it! There’s my weekly hair routine! What’s yours?

the one with a DIY hair mask

When Nina was visiting in June, we had to have a spa night. It’s a girls vacation tradition, right?! So that’s what we did! Both of us had some issues with our hair that needed correcting so we went to Pinterest to find DIY hair masks. I chose one for build up and she chose one for deep conditioning.

DIYHairMasks (1)

Ahhhh, my hair. My love/hate relationship with my hair. It’s thick, it’s fine, and it’s sometimes a little too healthy. But then I moved to Florida and learned about build up. There are lots of things that can all cause build up to gather on your hair.. . . hard water minerals, shampoos, conditioning masks, hair styling products and the environment. Build up while gross also reeks havoc on your hair making it dry, brittle, unmanageable, static-y, curl resistant, dull, heavy and lots more. My hair is already heavy, unmanageable, and curl resistant so I don’t need build up adding to it. Thankfully, Maskara came through and gave me a lovely hair mask with things I already had in the kitchen to fix it up.

DIYHairMask3 (1)


1/3 Cup Baking soda
4 T Water


Mix together until it’s a paste. Then (starting with the ends) massage into your *hair.
Leave it for 10-15 minutes then wash as usual.
* For recently color treated hair always try a test piece first! *

DIYHairMasks1 (1)

end result? It worked wonderfully! The build up in my hair from tons of sand, salt, hair products, and no washing was washed right out. My hair was left clean and silky smooth . . . back to that feeling of almost too healthy. Be sure to head over to Nina‘s blog to see how our mask for deep conditioning worked out.

Have you ever tried a diy hair mask? How’d it work out?

the one with 5 braids

I’m not a good braider. At my wedding, I really wanted to do God’s Knot to show our unity as one. He braided the whole thing while I giggled. He’s very frustrated with me about it still. But I’ve been practicing and getting better. So while Nina was visiting the Sunshine State, I had her show me 5 braids that were fun and easy to do this summer . . .


Head on over to her blog to get the how to on each of the 5 braids. Seriously, they’re so simple and so bangin’. For reference, my hair is fine, thick – so, so frickin thick I have too much hair, I also have long layers in the front (that’s why there is so much hair left at the end for some), and for most of these braids it hadn’t been washed in 3 days. Let’s get to the 1st of our 5 braids.

bexbraid1 (1)

1. Messy Fishtail . . . I’ve tried a fishtail many times, but always thought my hair was too thick. The way Nina messed it up a little I LOVE! LOVE! It’s the perfect beach hair for those days you’ll be in and out of the water and need to be fashionable the entire time- just add a kimono like cover up!

for fishtail

2. Dorothy Braid . . . I was against this braid at first. I’m almost 30 years old – should I really be wearing pig tails. But I let her try and I kinda like it. This look is soft and very girly so the outfit should be the same, but with a little edge to it. I chose girly fabrics, designs, and kept the main color edgy black. 

for pig tails


3. MilkMaid Braid . . . This one is my favorite. As soon as it was up I knew it would be because it’s so versatile. Hipster, boho, feminine, edgy . . . you can wear it all those ways. Olive is so in this summer. Paired with your go to jean shorts, this is an outfit that simple accessories can take any of those different ways. a floppy hat for boho, delicate earrings and necklace for feminine, round sunglasses and boat shoes for hipster . . . on and on and on and on



4. Braided chignon . . . This is the braid I was looking most forward to. But with my hair type it wasn’t working. It looked good, but I’d never wear it regularly because of all the bobby pins we had to use. It wasn’t holding tight enough because my hair is so fine (it was also freshly washed so I’m going to try again with dirty hair). If you’re lucky with course hair, I would rock this look weekly. With high heels and a dress every. single. time.





5. Headband Braid . . . For me, this look was all about getting my hair outta my face. Days when I want my hair outta my face are days when I’ll be busy, so my outfit should follow suit. I chose light fabrics like linen and cotton along with some comfy shoes and a big tote bag for errands.



Do you wear braids a lot? What’s your favorite thing to wear with? Also, don’t forget to go check out Nina’s blog for the how to on these bad boys.



the one where 4 bobby pins changed my life







similar skirt .  similar top  .  similar halter .  similar sandals  .  thread watch  .  cat eye sunglasses  .  floral earrings

Bobby pins. They are the bane of my hair’s existence. My hair is heavy, dry, there’s lots of it so bobby pins just don’t really like hanging out in there. My hair is almost always down, in a pony tail, clipped back, or a top knot. That’s it. It’s too heavy for much else, and I am horrible at doing hair. But sometimes 4 bobby pins do exactly what I need them to do and a chignon works. It’s truly life changing. And this time it stayed put long enough and didn’t frizz out long enough to take pictures. AND the husband nailed it when I said ‘ I want to get one that shows how bangin’ my hair looks’. I’m very modest.

Let’s talk about this top . . . it was my very first goodwill purchase ever. I’ve had it for quite some time. No idea where it came from originally, but I love it. A full year will go by before I wear it again, but every time I do a good closet clean out I can’t part with this one. It’s probably sentimental.