Bex Stark

Bex Stark

My name is Rebekah, but please don’t call me that it sounds much too fancy. Bex will be just fine, thanks. I’m a Hoosier girl, Florida transplant, baker, diyer, auntie, faux interior decorator, homebody, popcorn eater, crazy about purple, fond of my kindle but miss the smell of real books, target and etsy shopper. I use … way too much. I always have sunglasses in my hair, and sometimes I make up parties just to see how pretty the invitations look – especially for Holiday’s.


I met my husband at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in 2010. My version of the story goes we fell in love and became best friends 2 weeks later on New Years Eve! Isn’t that the most romantic day to fall in love? He chooses to agree. . . He purposed on June 9th, 2012 and we were married exactly a year later on June 8th, 2013. That’s when I started the Niche. The next year and a half was spent sending out lots of pretty invitations for parties at our new house, creating family traditions, and falling deeper and deeper in love with my man. In March 2015, his job was transferred to Central Florida so we began a new adventure. Now life is spent learning all about warm weather in January, swamps, life without corn, constantly having salt water in your hair, and sand in the car.


The Niche started as a way to document our vintage, rustic backyard wedding that my mama, sister, and I DIY’d. Since then the Niche has evolved into a fashion and style blog with a little life thrown in. I’ve always had a thing for clothes and accessories, plus I was lucky enough to have a mama who allowed me to express myself and taught me to be confident. She taught me to find the beauty and style in every day life no matter my circumstances. Around the niche, you’ll find all the places I find that beauty whether in an outfit, home decor, a recipe, and sometimes even sunglasses I bought on a street corner in New York. 


I believe there is beauty all around you if you just look for it. I believe in following 1 Peter 3 with some accessories around my neck. I believe in having a healthy diet with delicious food. I believe in modesty while having fun with your style. I believe in good style that doesn’t cost a fortune. I believe a little dry humor never hurt anyone. I believe in God. I believe in me. I believe in you. I’m so thankful you stopped by. I hope we see more of each other.

**I aim to provide unbiased editorials. However, I wish to disclose that (i) I sometimes receive free products from marketers that we sometimes review or discuss in our editorials, and (ii) I may run advertisements on my site concerning some of those products or companies that sell them (and other products sold by such companies) for which we sometimes receive compensation.**


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